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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I just cried when Monica's Dad turned up to see her after her break up from Richard.
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  2. *mumbles* "I'm trapped in a ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre!"
  3. Relatable queen.
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  4. I still don't think that Relaxicab is a better name than Relaxitaxi.
  5. I agree but it’s probably because I’m British.
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  6. The Gellar Cup. What a prize!
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  7. I’ve so far watched 13 episodes today after it’s been added to Netflix.
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  8. I didn’t know this has been added to Netflix today, but it’s perfect because I’m hungover to fuck.
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  9. YES Netflix Greece came through.
  10. US Netflix been knew x
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  11. The One With the Cat is so good. Phoebe asking Ross how many parents he's lost sort of hits me in the gut.

    The run through the first 8 episodes of Season 4 from the beach to Thanksgiving is ludicrously strong.
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  12. I just noticed a MAJOR plot hole in the show!

    In Season 7 Episode 23, "The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding", whilst walking down the aisle with Phoebe and Rachel, Ross says "Huh, this is nice. I've never walked down the aisle knowing it can't end in divorce"...


    In Season 2 Episode 11, "The One With the Lesbian Wedding", FIVE SEASONS BEFORE THIS STATEMENT, we see Ross walk Carol down the aisle! And as it's not his wedding, he walked down the aisle knowing it wouldn't end in divorce!

    I am SHOCKED. My whole life is a LIE.
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  13. *Phoebe consoling Rachel*
    P: "Awww, Pheebs..."
    R: "Phoebe, that's your name."
    P: "What? I thought that was what we called each other..."
  14. I'm enjoying my re-watch. The earlier series are so good. My boyfriend however has decided to jump in at season 7, which were the first DVDs I ever owned as I got them with my first DVD player. I've practically memorised every line in that season from how much I saw it at the time and I honestly can't bring myself to watch it again.
  15. I was re-watching Friends last year, but only got to Season 8 so I've jumped in at Season 9 on Netflix to finish it. So great to have them on Netflix though. It's such a great show and one you can just put on when you have an hour or two to waste.
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  16. You know how some people put the radio on for background noise? Well in my family we used to do it with Friends videos, except we'd end up watching it rather than focussing on whatever each other was saying.
  17. I wanna quit the bank...
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  18. The one where the girls throw Phoebe her baby shower is genius. I always hear the "Bring in the noise, bring in the FUNK on my bladder" line totally wrong. Lisa Kudrow at her absolute best.
  19. The One Where Rachel Is Late is Jennifer Aniston at her absolute funniest.

    "Do you want me to come over there and sit on you because I'll do it."

    A very well deserved Emmy and Golden Globe win.
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