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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. What sort of DigitalSpy Nancy Drewing? Ha ha!
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  2. Must be such a treat to watch Friends for the first time.

    If I could I'd have my memory of watching it erased like Clementine Kruczynski.
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  3. In 2018 or in general? It would be really different viewing it now for the first time with everything needing to be PC compared to going back to when it originally aired and viewing it for the first time then. Imagine all the complaints if Friends aired for the first time in 2018...

    Personally I wouldn't have my memory of watching it erased as it remains a classic. If anything, it strikes up the feeling of nostalgia which makes the experience even better!
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  4. Just to watch it now for the first time and not know what was going to happen after each season cliffhanger.

    I’d love it.
  5. Struck down in the pribe of libe
  6. Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black.

    Jennifer Aniston kills me in that scene.
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  7. I thought it was prime of lime?
  8. Primbe ob lime... beh.
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  9. It's a really hard word to say.
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  10. The guys swapping apartment’s was such a big deal at the time.
    What a classic episode.
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  12. Okay, but it did give us the revelation about Ross and Rachel's first romantic moment, a series highlight.
  13. I never thought Ross was hot, but this was a look.

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  14. Joey uses air quotes correctly a hell of a lot in season 8 before he is suddenly unable to in season 9.
  15. Joey uses his brain correctly a hell of a lot in seasons 1-7 before he is suddenly unable to in seasons 8-10.
  16. *second spin-off idea, drama this time, Joey had a stroke betwen seasons 7-8
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  17. The replies have me rolling
  18. Ugh, that Sheeran cameo would definitely happen if the show were on today.
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  19. I always liked Friends Season 11

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