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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I don't know if I'd like there to be a revival. This show was perfect, warts and all, and I'd hate for it to come back and be less than what it was. I did enjoy the Gilmore Girls revival, but I think that's more an exception and was easier to keep the concept and humor of the show.
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  2. I’m on season 8 and struggling through the Joey/Rachel plot. What were they thinking?
  3. Although it's my favourite TV show ever, I wouldn't want a revival. Not a fulll new season, anyway. However, a one off reunion in the form of a Thanksgiving special, I'd take gladly.
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  4. I forget now, the flashback to the 80s episodes were mainly during holiday seasons? I wasn't online at the time to notice if these were like, their Halloween or Thanksgiving episodes, like The Simpsons' are also famous for theirs (I think?)?
  5. Seasons 1-3 feel like a different show to Seasons 8-10.

    In Season 2 Rachel has read The Hobbit and is shown to be reasonably smart but could be a bit air headed.

    In Season 9 she (despite being in fashion) laughs at the word “homo” in homoerectus.

    The middle four seasons you see flashes of who they were in the first three seasons and flashes of the caricatures they’d become in the last three.
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  6. I cannot believe this came from Netflix's official Twitter and not an @Seinfeld2000-style parody account.
  7. I don't want a reunion episode or anything. It's been too long now and they look so different these days (obviously). I just don't think it would live up to the inevitable hype and would only be a let down and a giant dissapointment.
  8. I half agree but if it were to happen or even by some miracle a new season or mini season was announced I'd eat it right up.

    It won't though.
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  9. I think that all six cast members should reunite to present the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2019 to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary, but that's pretty much as far as I want where reunions is concerned.
  10. They should have done a reunion like 10 years ago.
  11. You do know time can move in TV shows too, right?
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  12. It only ended in 2004! That wouldn’t have been long enough.

    How has the Will & Grace revival gone down? I caught 2 mins of it last night on C5 in the UK but never loved it that much to care about it ending and coming back.
  13. Good enough to get renewed before it even aired, I think
  14. Yeah, no revival please. It just wouldn’t work. I would like for the creators to tell us where they think each of the friends would be in their lives now, though.
  15. I think it could work if they were very careful with it. I don't think the same humour/format would work now, but something with an actual storyline and a little drama could work. Like a mini-movie of sorts. I always imagine it would be them coming back to meet at Central Perk before attending a (supporting) character's funeral or something like that.
  16. It's already renewed for a 2nd season but the ratings have crumbled. It debuted at a 3.0 demo and over 10M viewers in September, was at a 2.0 and 7M viewers by the second episode, and hit a low of 1.1 with just over 4M viewers for the January 11 episode.

    Friends would do MASSIVE numbers for a revival, but I don't want it to happen and don't think it ever will.
  17. I'm in the middle of my first watch (I'm at early season 5) and I kinda don't like it? There are certain interesting bits and pieces here and there but that's about it for me. And Lord help me, Ross might be one of my least favorite TV characters ever.
  18. I was watching the ep where Monica sings and everyone can see her tits (2 aspirin on an ironing board in her case) and it struck me when she said how someone shouted “look at those tips” that many of the jokes were word/pun related. How did these translate into other languages? Does anyone know?

    (Slightly nerdy question but I work in international television so am curious!)
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  19. I still don't understand how Monica's apartment works. She sublets it from her grandmother, which makes it affordable, right? But that means for 11+ years Monica's grandmother just paid a big chunk of the rent for no reason? WHY.
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  20. Rewatching and it’s so weird to watch the show as an actual 20-something as opposed to the teenager I was when I used to watch it on E4! The One With Ross’s Wedding truly kills me, Rachel deciding to say congratulations is so heartbreaking.
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