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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Simple answer with regard to the German dub: it didn't work at all. Especially during the first few seasons, the translations were atrocious and the choice of voices was awful, too.In fact, for a long time I didn't even like Friends. I thought it was unfunny. Little did I know that it was all due to the bad dub. Once my family got Sky and I could watch shows in English I started loving it. It was such a huge difference.
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  2. As is my understanding, New York has a rent control law whereby the owner can’t up the rent, so people can live in an apartment for years with no increase - the grandmother has moved out but Monica lives there under the grandmother’s name to continue paying at her cheap rates. Something like that anyway. It sounds dodgy and illegal!
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  3. With regards to a Friends revival, I doubt Jennifer being an A lister would be affordable for the producers if they wanted her to appear as a regular. Lisa Kudrow has also moved on to
    Much much better things (all go and watch The Comeback & Web Therapy) . Maybe the other four would be down for it? But what would the show be without Rachel and Phoebe?
  4. I don’t think they would comprehend for a second doing it without all of them.
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  5. SIS, New York City rent is NO JOKE. This "scam" was done semi-frequently, less so now that no landlord these days would engage in such an agreement. If the name on the lease doesn't change, there's no increase. The woman living upstairs from me has been in her apartment since 1972 and her rent is ONE NINTH of mine.
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  6. Sometimes it worked (when there was a greek alternative) sometimes they'd translate word for word to get out of it. My boyfriend and I laughing at different times teas.
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  7. So my understanding of Monica's situation was right then? She was living there under her grandmother's name and paying low rent?
  8. Wasn't her Grandmother dead, which made it even more illegal?
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  9. There's some episode in an earlier season where the maintenance guy threatens to evict Monica because of whatever her situation is. That episode would probably be the definitive explanation
  10. I know in the last episode, Chandler is showing the babies the apartment and says "This was your first home. It was a happy place and because of rent control, it was a freakin' steal."
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  11. One of her grandmothers dies in the first season and no reference is made to the apartment. I think we're left to assume that it's the other one whose name is on the lease.

    This being Friends, I've probably spent longer on this issue than they did just by typing this.
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  12. I thought both her grandmothers had died, but according to the Friends Wikia:

    "Monica's grandmother is the official tenant and lived there before Monica. After she moved to Florida, Monica stayed in the apartment, sub-letting the apartment illegally (this also covers the fact that Monica could afford such an expensive apartment with her chef's salary)"
  13. The other grandmother is, at the very least, still alive for Monica and Chandler's wedding (she's mentioned by Jack and Judy but not seen.) That wiki assumes the grandmother who died is the one who had the apartment, but I'm pretty certain it was never actually stated in the show.
  14. I'm not sure I'd consider Jennifer an A lister actress. Yes she's done well for herself in many movies but she was more or less always always the support to a bigger star. She doesn't carry many of her films herself.

    I think she was on the verge of becoming an A list actress with "Cake" but the academy snubbed it and it didn't take off for her to get to the next level.
  15. I meant A list in terms of how in demand she is and her going salary for a project. I see your point, however!
  16. The Wiki states the grandmother who had the apartment moved to Florida.
  17. I still can't come to terms with the fact that my BF doesn't like Friends. I mean, for someone born in the late seventies, that's illegal isn't it?
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  18. End it.
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  19. Yes I remember as well she was living there but it was in her Grammy's name, and indeed the super tells them he's aware of it when Rachel throws crap down the garbage shoot (boxes of delivered pizza without breaking it up) and clogging it up. She then has to concede in going to dance classes with him, but in the end it's Joey who has to do this, and he keeps the secret.
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  20. I watched "The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner" last night, and Phoebe's "For God sake Judy, PICK UP THE SOCK, PICK UP THE SOCKKK, PICK UPPPP THE SOCKKKKKKK. I'm sorry was that rude?" had me dying.

    I love the fact I have seen these episodes hundreds of times but they still make me belly laugh every time.
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