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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. "Oh one really does have a stick up one's ass doesn't one" is probably my favourite line of the whole series.
  2. I want to know how Chandler & Joey afforded their apartment. It wasn't as nice as Rachel & Monica's but it's still in the same location therefore should be pretty costly for a regularly out of work actor and ...... whatever it is Chandler does.
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  3. He's a transponster, duh!
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  4. It's.



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  5. This entire forum (like most forums) is awash with discussion of minor details that really don't matter at all.

    In that context "It's a TV show", no matter how many extra line spaces or full stops you throw in, really isn't the slam dunk you think it is.
  6. In that case, let's not even discuss Carrie Bradshaw's apartment...
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  7. Or, for that matter, the residents of Albert Square who manage to live in spacious, comfortable houses in London and go to the pub every night on the earnings of a market trader/café worker.
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  8. On a semi-related note, it always seemed that Seinfeld is at least as popular/iconic as Friends in the US but never took off internationally. I wonder why that is.
  9. Well I can only speak for myself, but on the odd occasion when I did try to get into it I found the title character insufferable and the whole thing a bit too smug and pleased with itself.
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  10. Seinfeld wasn’t 80% of E4’s programming for the best part of a decade.
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  11. Well Friends was massive in the UK long before E4 came along. It's original run from 94 was on C4 terrestrial on a weekly basis, just as it was in the US. It was only after its original run ended that E4 started whoring it out at every given opportunity, so that can't be the only reason for Friends being a success in the UK whilst Seinfeld wasn't.
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  12. The fact that it was on genuinely about 12 times a day for a decade after the show’s end has undeniably contributed to its ongoing popularity though.
  13. Well yes, but the fact that it was such a global phenomenon meant it could be shown 12 times a day in the first place without anyone batting an eye. It was like a comforting old friend. As such, it's a bit of a chicken/egg situation.

    Anywho, we were discussing why Friends was so massive in the UK in the first place whilst Seinfeld, despite being on a similar level in the US, was barely a blip on the UK ratings, not why Friends' popularity endured in Britain.
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  14. I tried to watch Seinfeld once, didn’t find it funny at all. Love Friends though! Currently watching it through from start to finish for the first time.
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  15. I don't like this "it's a tv show" kind of approach. Obviously we know, but clearly we love the show, and we've discussed the most common topics, where is the harm in discussing what is absurd and what could be a plausible explanation?
    Also, I think Chandler was earning a good amount of money, after all in some of his jobs he had his own office, even in the first season where his colleagues did him.
  16. It's a TV show, not a documentary. Phoebe was a masseuse living in Manhattan. You have to throw realism away.
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  17. She had many jobs. Also she was living with her grandmother in the beginning.
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  18. The ep where we find out Phoebe mugged Ross as a teen was so scraping the barrel for ideas. Funny ep though but like Rachel making out with Chandler the product of a very dry ideas well in the last few seasons.

    I’m so glad Friends didn’t drag on past ten seasons like Cheers, Frasier and Two and a Half Men.
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  19. The whole apartment thing has been explained so many times, both in the show and by people always asking the same thing. It's pretty clear!

    As far as Joey and Chandler's, Chandler was always the one paying the bills and he probably got good money (plus his mother is rich, if he needs to fall back on it?). And then Joey was a lead on TV so he could pay it himself.

    Phoebe is probably the least realistic, although as someone said she did live with her grandmother at first, but later on she seems pretty unstable job-wise... Until she gets a job at that corporate massage chain.

    Also, Seinfeld is amazing.
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  20. The last couple seasons messed up a few continuity things that I didn't notice until I was older (read about it online). Carol was apparently Ross' first time but he slept with a cleaning lady in college, and Rachel and Chandler didn't know each other in the pilot but the flashback episodes showed them being around each other a lot at The Gellers house, and they also made out once.

    Silly picking apart a TV show for little things like that, I know, but it's quite fun to see where things like that happen in comedies.
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