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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. They were showing the series where Rachel and Joey get together earlier and it's just the worst of the worst. Such a forced low point of an amazing run.
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  2. The one with Rachels other Sister is my number one. Such a good episode. In fact Season 9 for me has some great episodes, despite its overall weak story arc.
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  3. Has anyone met any of the Friends cast?

    I saw David Schwimmer on Some Girls in London in 2005 and he came out afterwards to sign stuff, he was brilliant! Damn selfies not existing back then!

    I actually saw him again outside of (what is now) Palace a few years later in Soho but he was with friends so I didn't bother him.
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  4. The One With The Videotape is definitely up there with the best- even the stuff with Gregg and Jenny makes me howl. Season 7 is possibly my worst season but the one where Winona Ryder guest stars is amazing- “Somewhere Joey’s head is exploding,” “...Thigh Mega Tampon... we were really huge until we got shut down when Regina Phillangi died of alcohol poisoning” (I’m actually on a bus laughing out loud at that right now!).
    It’s just such a great series- even weaker seasons like 7 and 10 are peppered with brilliance.
  5. My friend used to regularly cut his hair when he was in London, apparently he was lovely, shame about his character!
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  6. My favourites have to be The One Where No One's Ready and The One with Rachel's Two Parties.

    A firm third is the one where Rachel dresses up as a cheerleader to seduce Tate Donovan.
    Her to Chandler: "You're a loser to, right?"
    Chandler to her: "Owww yes." and sits down next to her.
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  7. The one time Ross was really funny (00:40)

  8. The One Where Everyone Finds Out is the greatest episode of Friends.
  9. I'm getting towards the end of my rewatch, and my GOD this final season is absolutely threadbare.

    Danny DeVito as the stripper, Joey on Donny Osmond's gameshow and that hideous college flashback are three of the show's all time low points....and they're in the same episode. Then there's Monica being an insufferable dickhead at Phoebe's wedding, and I'm fairly sure we haven't even got to Joey speaking French yet.
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  10. The One Where They All Turn 30 is my favourite - mostly for the Phoebe and Joey kiss. I shipped them so much when I was younger.
  11. Oh my god, Monica at Phoebe’s wedding was so funny. At least the wedding rehearsal part I found hilarious.

    Phoebe: “I wanted to take a moment to mention my mother, who couldn’t be here...”
    *looks at monica*
    “And... And moments over!”
  12. While I agree with a fair bit of this, you can’t deny the impact of “PAPER... SNOW... A GHOST!” An iconic quote, if a little more on the silly side.
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  13. Jurassic Parka had me crying with laughter. I think him and Pheobe were by far the funniest characters in terms of their physical humour and dramatic mannerisms, Chandler had the best one liners and Rachel was more "normal" humour like your girl next door, Monica was never really funny and I don't think I ever laughed at anything Joey did. It feels like his character just relied on gasping, widening his eyes, saying something stupid or making a dumb joke about food or women for laughs for the entire ten years.

    I just watched the episode where Janine moved in and his reactions where he went into his room stressed out because of her flirting is just so cringey and basic child humour.
  14. I finished the series for the first time this morning and I wasn't ready for the final episode.
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  15. I always thought it was weird how Rachel had to hurry up and move out of Monica's apartment as soon as she got with Chandler. She said in Central Perk that she was going to "end up homeless" and when Monica was trying to arrange for her to move in Pheobe she said to Rachel "do you wanna live outside? Because it's getting cold!".

    Like, what's the rush? Monica had a huge apartment and Rachel had her own bedroom plus they were always out working anyway and when they weren't working all six of them were hanging around at Monica's anyway.
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  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I can't take any retrospective critiques of Friends seriously, nobody does it with any other sitcoms from that time period, it's just willfully trying to tear it apart based on societal norms that weren't there at the time. Yeah some of the plots were a bit of a stretch but it had a 10 year run, I feel they did an excellent job at giving it such a long shelf life considering how rare it is for any show to make it past like 5 years.
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  17. It's always been my favourite episode by a big margin. The whole thing is as close to perfection as it gets.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. Fully agree except that I can't help but feel that in the last years we've had more 10+ season shows than ever, deserving of that or not, it seems to me. But maybe it's true mostly for sitcoms.
  20. You know when a show keeps telling you that a character is cute but you're just not buying it?

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