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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. ALWAYS! Last example? The Gay and Wondrous Life of, they keep saying the guys he fancies are basically stunning and they are anything but.
  2. So I was watching The One With The Cake last night and with all the talk of Emma’s 18th, it made me realise she’d be 16 this year.

    Let that sink in. Emma Geller-Green would turn 16 in just 2 months.
  3. Jesus Christ that means Ben would be around 23.
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  4. The wedding rehearsal is one of my favourite Phoebe moments. Her complete breakdown because Monica keeps rushing her has me in tears every time.

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  5. I mean, taste is subjective.
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  6. Y'all know the guy who plays Jughead in Riverdale played Ben aged 5ish, right?
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  8. There was a clickbait thing a while back of a pic of twin teenage girls with a headline of “you’ll NEVER guess who these girls played in Friends!!!” and it was just so obviously Emma because it couldn’t be anyone else!
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  9. I had no idea!! He was a fantastic little actor as Ben.

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. [​IMG]
    Made me know I was gay.
  12. Jennifer and Justin have separated after 2 years of marriage.

    I didn't see that coming or at least so soon.
  13. Maybe they're stunningly basic?
  14. I just got to the London episodes featuring every British actor who was in a show Americans liked in the 90s.

    Monica and Chandler getting together was such a good decision.
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  15. Now he *was* cute.
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  16. God yes, it threw in a new dynamic which was totally needed at the time.
    Then pity poor Americans, Fergie? Richard Branson? Ok, Jennifer Saunders will never not be iconic*, but Tom Conti was dreadful as was Helen (but we wont go into THAT) Really, the only good thing to come out of that mess was the Chandler and Monica arc.

    *I forgot about Dame June Whitfield, terribly written part, but again, never not iconic
  17. I love Jennifer but she was cringe worthy in those episodes, along with Tom Conti. I actually thought June was brilliant. I loved the interaction between her and Lisa Kudrow. Hugh Laurie was also great.
  18. Tom Conti's hair changes colour between Ross and Emily's wedding ceremony and the reception. It's amazing.
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  19. Everyone's haircuts changed at the start of every season, despite the episode usually following directly on from the last one. Oh, and Chandler sometimes gained/lost a few stone in the space of a few seconds too.
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