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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Also Fun Bobby was sorely underused!
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  2. Season 10 was kinda dire but it did have some small moments like this which genuinely make me laugh. Phoebe rushing through her wedding dinner speech because of Monica is another moment.
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  3. I can't remember if it was shown in flashbacks but did Joey and Ross meet for the first time in The Pilot? When Ross shows up and says "hi", Joey responds with "this guy says hello to me and I want to kill myself" and then later asks "So you never knew she was a lesbian?" about Carol which made me think maybe Joey knew of Ross and his situation from Monica/Chandler/Pheobe but that was his first time meeting him?

    And I'm assuming Joey moving in with Chandler and The Pilot were around the same time?
  4. I think in a flashback episode it’s shown Joey moving into Chandlers around the time Phoebe has moved out of Monica’s (although Monica doesn’t know Phoebe has moved out). I think it’s quite close to Rachel showing up as in this episode Rachel’s wedding to Barry is mentioned as being very soon.
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  5. They met in 'The One With The Flashback'. They're introduced to each other at the end of the episode in Central Perk when it was a bar.
  6. Ross and Joey would've known each other for about a year between the flashback episode and the pilot.
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  7. Central Park was a bar? I don't remember this. Gotta watch it again.
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  8. If I remember correctly, the episode was set a year previous to Rachel & Barry's wedding.
  9. A pool bar.
  10. Ah yes that I remember and I remember that the timeline of events was off. Such a good fan I was.
  11. The flash back episodes are my favourites. I bet they had fun filming them!
  12. It's probably frowned upon these days (what isn't?) but I live for fat Monica. She's my absolute fave. Close second is old nose Rachel.
  13. I don't think any show would be able to have characters like Fat Monica or pre-nose job Rachel and not be scrutinised now.
  14. Why pre-nose job Rachel?
  15. The flashback episodes were always great. Particularly the Thanksgiving one. I also loved the "Ones That Could Have Been" episodes with Fat Monica.
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  16. She was selfish, ego-centric, lazy and all about looks and personality.

    I loved her for it.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Season 9 may be generally a bit rubbish but the thanksgiving episode is classic old school friends.

    ‘Maybe we could all cut our food like this. That way we protect the plates and let’s face it you have fun !’

    ‘Maybe after this we could all blow our noses on my wedding dress.’

    ‘Remember in high school when I died and didn’t give you my baby???’

    ‘Why does she keep making that noise??’
  19. Because it would be crushed by people complaining that it's making fun of fat people or with big noses.
  20. Maybe one of the best lines of the show.
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