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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Monica - "That's not how you see me, is it?"

    Phoebe, while cutting her food in the air - "oh no you're all about the fun."

    Makes me chuckle every time. Even funnier since you can see Lisa Kudrow's mouth twitch trying not to laugh.
  2. I've been chatting to a guy for a while, and he revealed that Ross is his favourite Friend, and that Rachel is his least favourite. Do I just cut my losses here?
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  3. Rachels my least fave. She may be popular around here but don't count on it everywhere else.
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  4. Reported and blocked.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Yes! Block and call the police as he is clearly a psycho.
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  7. Keep talking to him, only to ensure that he doesn't find you appealing.
  8. On the Chandler-Joey friendship, I don’t think they even had that much of a fragile masculinity. Most of the time, they were vocal about how much they loved each other platonically, like how Chandler showed how much it bothered him that Joey was moving out of his apartment. Or how Joey got them matching “friendship bracelets” and took Chandler with him to his movie debut.
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  9. Goodness, the episode where Joey has his eyebrows plucked is horrendously homophobic. The entire premise of the episode is literally ‘how hilarious that Joey is acting all gay and getting his eyebrows plucked’.
  10. I don't know. There are straight guys who pluck their eyebrows and look ridiculous. I don't think that is homophobic. At least, it's not my first go-to. Then again I don't remember the rest of the episode anymore.
  11. Rewatch the episode. I hadn’t seen it in years and was shocked. It’s not the plucking which is problematic, it’s all the jokes surrounding it.

    ‘Is it ok for a guy to pluck his eyebrows?’

    ‘Depends how far into the sex change process he is.’

    I’m solidly team Friends, but some of it is problematic today. It’s ok to admit that and still enjoy it I think?
  12. For the umpteenth time, it was a complete product of its time. It did more good than bad, even if it sporadically gave into tropes that now feel outdated or somewhat problematic. There was never any intentionally dark tone to any of its jokes; even instances like Joey getting his eyebrows done and facing backlash are far more representative of an early 00s "emasculation is funny" premise than any intentional hurt.

    Honestly, I'd look back, ponder and appreciate all the positives of how far we've come in the way we view and articulate things and brush it aside.
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  13. I agree with this completely. But at the end of the day it’s still a shame to look back at my favourite show of all time with fresh new eyes and see all these jokes.
  14. In recent times people, maybe mostly on here only, it seems people are looking for reasons to complain about every little thing and blowing it out of proportion. They are doing a great disservice to real issues that these minorities are facing.
    If every joke were to get removed or censored, or you were not allowed to say anything that could possibly be offending someone, we would live in an incredibly boring world. That's not just for movies and tv but also for music.
    Bette Midler used to say during her concerts "fuck them if they can't take a joke".
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  15. I really don't like Monica's short hair in Season 4.
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  16. Just watched the pilot for the first time in a while and I was shocked at how fully-realised the characters were. They barely changed at all (just turned into caricatures really).
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  17. This is a tad extra now.
    When you find out your grandparent refers to gay/black/fat/pale/loud people by however they were acceptably referred to in their day, you don't stop loving them or cut them out of your life. You feel awkward, excuse them because they didn't know better back then, and acknowledge that they're wrong, but carry on with loving them because they don't have hateful intent (hopefully). Friends is not anti-gay. It never was.
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  18. It bothers me how Joey never really progresses/evolves as a character. Comparing the first series to the last series, every character developed personally and in their careers etc. Joey is still a struggling actor a womanizer and is actually more dumb than he was in the beginning. Is this part of the reason he did the Joey spin-off?
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  19. He definitely would’ve gotten more finality and closure had he not signed up for the spin off. He probably would’ve been given a love interest same as Phoebe got Mike.

    I guess in a way it’s believable that Joey would’ve never settled down though.

    What wasn’t believable was him disappearing to LA and not talking regularly to his close New York friends for the next 2 years.
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  20. I remember watching like 3 episodes of Joey and then just gave up. I forgot that it actually ran for 2 seasons (I often forget it exists). Did he refer to the former 'friends' often? Did anyone actually watch?
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