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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. True, and from that perspective a Friends spin-off with one of the main cast was always doomed to fail. I understand that they tried to make the show stand on its own and not rely on a rotating doors of old Friends guest-stars they wouldn't have been able to maintain over multiple seasons. But I bet some people at NBC just shook their head at the stubbornness of not having a single one of them guest star over two seasons.
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  2. I assumed it came down to the actors not wanting to guest. Was it really the creatives' choice?
  3. That was always the official communication during the time Joey was on, and I never read anything else afterwards either. That said, right now I can't find anything on Google that goes either way, because it is impossible to google Joey/Friends/guest-stars and actually get a result relating to "Joey".
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  4. Joey led to the existence of Speechless so honestly I’m not that pressed about it.
  5. Tag was so underused. He was one of the decent ones Rachel got with.
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  6. I don't remember them being mentioned at least up to first episodes of season two (when i stopped watching out of lack of interest).
  7. Season 5 is so iconic? It's such a fantastic bunch of stories, and the characters have definitely leaned towards the "cartoon" versions of themselves (which I love in how it translates to the comedy with pretty silly humor), yet it still hasn't gone to the extreme and still holds a bit more of soul of the first seasons, where we still have a good amount of episodes where they all interact a lot instead of having 3 separate stories per episode.

    I don't know, all the way from London to just around Phoebe and Rachel living together and all that ensues there is perfect.
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  8. “Rachel, this is all so Papa Don’t Preach” remains one of my favourite lines, if only for the Madonna reference. Plus the fact they played Take a Bow in Season 2! Stunning.
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  9. Can we take a moment to appreciate Gladys and Glynnis and their hilarious horrendous-ness.
  10. It's pretty mental there's a whole episode of Friends in which Monica makes Joey a fake foreskin and Ross lusts after his own cousin.
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  11. Yeah who knew they'd so accurately predict the contents of the Random Thoughts thread?
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  12. They actually were gonna do the foreskin storyline in the first season, but the bosses thought it was too crude and vulgar.
  13. I never really thought of this, but seeing it written out - yes, that is crazy. And for a network show in, what, 2001?

    I know sometimes its popular now to hate on Friends and Sex and the City but I still love 'em.
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Administrator

    I remember reading years ago that they were surprised they got away with a premature ejaculation joke that was pretty unsubtle (i.e. "No, you just rolled over the juice box.")
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  15. I was just thinking lately how crazy it is that it's been 20 years since the London eps I remember renting the video of the London ep constantly out the local video shop it was always a fave. Had the Spice Girls not been on their European tour when they shot it in March 1998 it would've been so cool had they made a cameo perhaps meeting Joey and Chandler with a smutty Joey being in heaven ha ha

    Anyway I love that ep and these days Pheebs scenes rank highly as my faves.

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  16. For the longest time I thought the joke was about Ross wetting himself.
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  17. I think it was about him waiting herself? The way Rachel says ‘Thank God’ would be more appropriate for him wetting himself I reckon.
  18. I’m pretty sure it’s a premature ejaculation joke, as Rachel tries to reassure him afterwards.
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  19. Yeah it's definitely about premature ejaculation. It's the first time they sleep together, and she's like ''aww honey, it's okay.'' Why would she think he'd pissed himself?
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  20. There never was any doubt in my mind that it wans't about premature ejaculation?
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