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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I see a lot of people criticising that scene for Ross being a creep...which was the whole point of the scene. It’s funny because Ross sounds so psychotic in the scene - that’s literally the joke. I hate it when things are taken of context and manipulated.
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  2. This just gave me
  3. It's now being shown on Channel 5 here in the UK just saw an advert.

    They must be raking up those repeat royalties.

  4. I read something like Friends still pulls in around $1 billion a year from royalties.
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  5. They each make about 20 million dollars every year in royalties from Friends. So that's 280 million dollars each since the show ended.
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  6. They should show Friends and Big Brother back to back and I can pretend it's the early 2000s again.
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  7. Yeah I'll probably tune in a bunch despite having seen them all a thousand times and already owning them, so it's easy to see how it can make so much.

    I need the Apple TV to introduce a "shuffle show" button because the mental strain of trying to pick an episode to jump into with something like friends is exactly why I'd rather just put up with a few ads in the middle so someone else can pick the episode for me ddd
  8. Funko released a second wave of Friends Pops, available now
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  9. I wish they'd make toys or collectibles with actual likenesses of the characters, I'd be all over something like that.
  10. Ddd 1 of everyone but... 3 of Monica?
  11. And two from the same episode? Damn man, this Funko model maker is a stan.
  12. Today I got back to work after a week off, and in my emails I had some spam from someone called Sleeve.

  13. The episode where Monica tries to make a replacement foreskin for Joey while Ross tries not to flirt with his cousin is the most ridiculous thing to ever air on television.
  14. Except for the one where she thinks Chandler is sexually attracted to sharks.
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    That episode is about 8 minutes long when it’s shown pre-watershed.
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  16. It was on Channel 5 today as I posted this! About 1pm with no obvious cuts made!
  17. I've deadass watched that episode in the middle of the day in full. I've never seen an uncut (oh the irony) version of that episode - not in the UK anyway.
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  19. I remember when I was younger being SO confused about how it was just casually dropped in an episode that Phoebe is having triplets. It wasn't until I was older I found out the episode that revealed it was actually banned in the UK, at least for a while.
  20. Why was it banned?!
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