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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. It's true that Phoebe did become a total bitch, although Rachel was never above taking a few cheap shots at Ross and Chandler. And Phoebe's bitchiness WAS funny:
    "Are you leaving The Supremes?"
    "Chandler?" (Call centre job- guy hates his life).
    "Okay, Byeee" (pushing Chandler out as he's saying goodbye to Emma).

    Just remembered the first time I watched the Smelly Cat video in season 2- I swear I belly-laughed for a full 10 minutes.
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  2. SockMonkey

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    It kinda weirds me out to think it’s 25 years this year since it started. TWENTY FIVE YEARS.
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  3. Any episodes with hints of Rachel/Joey romance still make me cringe.
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  4. When Joey started to have feelings for Rachel it didn't bother me, because it finally gave Matt a more emotional storyline and he got to do more than be dumb and horny. But once we got to season 9 and they decided to have Rachel reciprocate those feelings it was a mess and seemed really out of character for Rachel.
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  5. Madonna's first album being almost 40.
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  6. I love this exchange! I first started watching Friends when I was like 7 and I genuinely didn’t get the joke that he misunderstood “moot” point and just made up his own definition, I thought he just created this expression and it made it so much funnier to me. Especially Rachel’s reaction to it because that was similar to my own.

    And I also always found Monica’s “SEVEN” moment hilarious even as a kid when I didn’t totally understand why she was doing that/what really made her do that, but the writing and acting were so good that it always made me laugh regardless.
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  7. SockMonkey

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    The thing is that "moo point" DOES make sense.
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  8. Just backing up what was said earlier, Phoebe really is such a bitch to Chandler during the later seasons. I'm watching The One With The Cooking Class and I forgot she literally tells him, in all seriousness, to not get his hopes up about a job interview because he doesn't leave a good first impression.
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  9. One of their best ever Moments.
    How have I only just seen the full video?

    Icon, Diva, Amazing.
  10. Okay this is the first time I’ve seen the full video too. That second verse. Woooo.
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  11. Ive never heard myself sing before except in my own head

    Now I can hear what you guys hear
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  12. There were also the constant digs about how Monica could do so much better and is so much more attractive and its like.... isn't this guy supposed to your friend too? And also on that note - when he was healthy Matthew Perry was the best looking of those men.
  13. I hated Jennifer's hair during that season.
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  14. To be fair, she isn’t wrong given what happened in that interview.

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  15. I liked all the Screen Prism videos about each of the six friends and Janice, but this one about Gunther misses the point for me. Aside from the Rachel infatuation, it's not like he's a big loser: he clearly does a great job managing the Central Perk, has his own house in New York and seems to be happy with everything else in his life. To be stuck in a rut doesn't have necessarily to be a bad thing.

  16. That was Pheobe at her worst and probably my least favorite Phoebe moment. The guy was moving to a different city, let him say his goodbyes!
  17. I'm a Friends fan, but thinking any of the characters are developed enough (especially fucking Gunther) to do a deep analyzation on is utterly foolish.
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  18. Yeah, I agree. And even when they do get together, they ended things so abruptly. Why bother when you know they will go for Ross/Rachel endgame. I hate Ross for the most part but one thing I did find genuinely funny is when Ross loses it once Joey and Rachel start dating, just saying "I'm fine!".
  19. It's a TV show.
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