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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. This show needs to be left where it ended. Why tarnish its legacy.
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  2. What I would rather have is the whole cast together and doing a one off skit of some sort. Set up kind of like Parks and Recreation or The Office and they meet up in a job centre of some sort.
  3. If they were going to do a one off skit, it would make sense to do it in 2021 for Emma's 18th Birthday given the video shot for her to watch.
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  4. It's really uncomfortable watching season 3 as Matthew Perry is CLEARLY off his face on drugs and makes some bizarre acting choices.
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  5. Sweet that they're still close.
  6. Why do we keep getting articles about how unwoke Friends was. It's been off the air now longer than it was on the air.

    I'm starting to wonder, do all characters in every show have to be completely perfect and not have any flaws and be completely tolerant and future proof.
  7. You do notice on a binge just how many jokes centre on fragile masculinity and gay panic.

    What I find most odd now is how creepy and sexually aggressive the boys were to their (platonic) female friends. Like if a real friendship group had that energy it would be super weird and unsustainable.
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  8. There's an episode where Ross is giving a speech about homo erectus and Rachel laughs at the word homo, and even back then it was weird. Rachel who works in fashion in NYC would laugh at the word homo?
  9. I agree, it was out of character for her. That was when they try to dumb her down in order to convince the audience she would be a good match for Joey.
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  10. Probably because it hasn’t actually been off air in the 15 years since it ended!
  11. And also because Friends articles get page clicks and there's nothing else to say about it that hasn't been said so...
  12. Question: In the episode where Rachel and Phoebe are trying to find Monica's Christmas present to them in the apartments, and then manage to rope in Chandler ("The my AZ!!" one), it's never been entirely clear what Chandler is embarrassed by when Rachel and Phoebe say they looked in his closet and giggle.

    Porn would be far too normal. Was it just sex toys or viagra?
  13. I was in New York a week ago and of course like any Friends fan, I had to see the Friend's Apartment in Greenwich Village. I was there at 6:30am (couldn't sleep so decided to just go out and explore) and there was nobody around. It was so cool and surreal to see it in person, take a million photos and see "Central Perk" aka the Little Owl Restaurant. Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City is close by (less than 10 minute walk). Highly recommend it!
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  14. When I was in New York last year, we did a walking tour of Greenwich Village which promised to take in the Friends apartment. During the mid point of the tour, I asked the guide when we were visiting it and he said “I thought this group were more intellectual than Friends viewers so I’ve taken that off the agenda for today”. It’s worth pointing out that on the same tour he took us to THREE filming locations for Louis CK’s show at the height of the allegations against him (and nobody on the tour could’ve looked more disinterested).

    I ended up leaving the tour at the half way point and wandering back there myself.
  15. I did both last week!
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  16. Is the consensus the writing ever got sloppy on Friends? Or less precise towards the end?

    I'm in the Tag Jones "era" and he doesn't know anyone in New York and needs to go out with Joey so he can meet girls, and a few episodes later he's just dumped his girlfriend from back in... another state who he's been seeing for a year.

    Then again I'm not great at spotting inconsistencies, maybe there's a million more.
  17. For me everything started going downhill around Season 7 writingwise.

    That's not to say I don't enjoy watching the last seasons I do but there are a lot of cringe written plots.

    I think Monica and Chandlers chemistry together made even the weakest of the later era plots work well though.
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  18. I rarely watch Friends these days but if I do it's usually from like season 3 onwards. The first two seasons I just don't find overly funny. Seasons 3 - 6 were really the peak, I think.

    I agree, that towards the end it was really Monica/Chandler that were giving the laughs. I always hoped they get a spin-off.
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  19. I remember Joey going from 25 at the end of Season 1 to 28 about halfway through Season 2.
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