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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Their ages were very inconsistent. Rachel was either 25 or 26 at the start of season 1, as her and Monica are the same age. So her birthday at the end of the season she turned 26 or 27. But she didn't turn 30 until season 7.
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  2. The writers themselves said that they often accepted inconsistencies for the sake of a good joke/plotline. Back then binge-watching wasn't really a thing so most people probably didn't notice.
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  3. I think Friends found its footing really in Season 2, had a bit of a slump in Season 7, had a renaissance in Season 8... then it just got kinda bad in Seasons 9 and 10. Season 2’s storylines feel the most iconic and “classic” Friends.
  4. Can I just get something off my chest now I've seen this topic active again. What on Earth is with this massive revival of merch etc that is suddenly everywhere? Is it just them playing on 90's nostalgia and everyone joining in?
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  5. It’s the most streamed television show on Netflix which probably has a lot to do with it.
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  6. The show's 25th anniversary is in a month
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  7. And when Emma celebrates her first birthday two and a half years after she was conceived ddd
  8. SockMonkey

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    6185042A-2356-4744-AB95-9A033E9967D7.png I saw a t-shirt the other day which had this photo above the logo. That’s quite a...choice. Both in design and wearing it.
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  9. How long each season is, always confuses me. As I assume it is supposed to be a year apart from Season 8 which is less than 9 months.
  10. Sam


    Surely it's a tad foolish to assume that each season is meant to adhere to the year and timeframe that aired? Like, I doubt the date in the last episode was meant to reflect the date it aired.
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  11. Season 9 may have been underwhelming as a whole, but the Thanksgiving episode featuring Christina Applegate is a fucking series highlight.

    Amy: You know why you don't want me to have the baby? Because you don't want me to be happy! You have ALWAYS been jealous of me!

    Rachel: Jealous of what? Of your lack of responsibility? Your inmaturity? Your total disregard for other people's feelings?

    Amy: Er...To name a few!
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  12. Well each season had holiday episodes - Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years, Valentines. In the winter episodes they put them in coats and scarfs, in the spring episodes the girls are in dresses and tank tops. They also occasionally make reference to the year, as well as plenty of pop culture references that give you a specific timeframe (in 1996 Ross's Hall Pass list includes Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley, and Michelle Pfieffer, Joey references Britney Spears in a 2003 episode, etc). I think it's pretty clear each season adheres to a specific time frame.

    The show definitely had tons of inconsistencies and continuity errors. The biggest being - as mentioned - the ages of the characters, as well as how they all met. I think we get at least 3 different versions of how Rachel and Chandler met.
  13. At least Ross isn’t there.
  14. Any episode that features either of Rachel's sisters is a series highlight teebs.
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  15. "Oh, yeah! Yeah, right! Remember in high school, when I died and didn't give you my baby?"
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  16. Reese Witherspoon is a delight.

    "I throw myself at you and you say no - how gay are you?!"
  17. My fave Season 9 episode is the Lottery Tickets one.

    Genuinely feels like an ep from the early seasons.
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  18. Rachel: I don’t know, it looks a little slutty.
    Jill: This is yours.
    Rachel: Yeah, well, I’m a slut.

    Probably my favourite interaction with a guest star that I still quote.
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  19. We can all unanimously agree that the two worst episodes were Joey speaking French and the shark porn.
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  20. I'll add in the cheesecake one to that trilogy of shit.
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