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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. The cheesecake one makes me laugh.
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  2. Cheesecake is a classic!
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  3. And the one with the male nanny.
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  4. I think the shark porn episode is funny...
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  5. SockMonkey

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    I do too, because it's ridiculous and it's a massive mainstream network sitcom having a whole plotline about a character wanking over sharks.
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  6. The French episode is iconic for Phoebe alone. Yeah the entire premise sailed past the line of reason but "you're not speaking FrrrEEEeeeEEncchHH!" is worth it.
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  7. Nothing makes that episode worth how absolutely insane it drives me to watch the stupidity of joey! It’s not fathomable and I just can’t even watch it any more
  8. We been knew!
    It really is... a character development. I get everything's exaggerated (I mean it is a sitcom) but did no one go "Okay hang on a minute this is a bit much"?
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  9. It happens all the time with long-running sitcom characters to be fair. I mean, Joey basically goes through the exact same development Homer does in The Simpsons (initially pretty dumb but well meaning and likeable to a certifiable idiot who probably couldn't actually survive outside of an institution).

    Pretty much all sitcom characters eventually become exaggerated, less nuanced versions of themselves as time goes on because, once the writers realise what makes the audience laugh, they start zeroing in on those qualities more and more heavily until a three-dimensional character is slowly consumed by a caricature.
  10. The thing that really bothered me about the Joey speaking French episode is that it wasn't slap bang in the middle of season 9 where the writers are running out of ideas but one of the last episodes of the SHORTENED season 10. Luckily the next few episodes recovered the mess.
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  11. Can we also add, although not for the entire episode as it had moments of brilliance, but Joey's involvement in "The One Where the Stripper Cries". Watching him on that Pyramid programme just took away from the actual hilarity of Danny DeVito dancing and the college flashbacks of Monica and Rachel!
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  12. Shark Porn and the french episode are probably the storylines I hate the most in the show, and I skip them every time. I just cant stand watching Joey being THAT stupid, it really annoys me.
  13. Phoebe pretending to be the pigeon on the answering machine still sends me.

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  14. Forget all the pre-woke nonsense, Friends' worst legacy is actually causing a generation of people to grow up believing they can work effortless 9-to-5 jobs and still have time to hang with their friends on an always-available couch at what must be cheapest coffee house in NYC and never have to spend hours fixing shit or finding ways to pay their bills because said low-end job pays so damn much.

  15. Did anybody really believe that though? I would have no desire to watch the show if it was more "realistic" in that sense.
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  16. Were coffee cups ever really the size of fishbowls though.
  17. Lisa Kudrow personally turning up to my house and handing me a cheque for £100,000 as compensation for my time might have been 'worth it', but that's about it.

    You could tell they were scraping the ground where the barrel once stood by the final season, but this really was a desperate low.
  18. That episode really proved that they made the right choice ending the series when they did. I mean ratings were strong and the show was obviously still super popular so they could have easily gone on for more seasons if they wanted, but 10 was enough in hindsight.
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  19. And it's one of the very rare occasions where you get just Rachel and Chandler in scenes. It's a shame they didn't do that more often but then when you see how strong their chemistry was (almost as strong as Ross & Rachel especially in the earlier seasons) might have been problematic.

    Wouldn't be surprised someday if we ever find out Jennifer & Perry got together. Their chemistry was especially strong in the first 2 seasons and they even participated in doing promo work together including that infamous Windows 95 video
  20. It just always felt like a really stupid storyline to me. It’s not really a dilemma or a tricky situation they’ve got themselves into like most other storylines - it’s just them stealing food and squabbling over it.
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