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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. As somebody who once dropped a kebab on the floor that me and my friend went 50/50 on, and proceeded to sit on said floor and eat the non-floor parts...I found this episode relatable af.
  2. Just watched a couple season 6 episodes and everything involving Ross' younger girlfriend Elizabeth is trash.
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  3. For me, season 3 is when they produced classic episodes and got the characterisations nailed.

    "The One with the Football" still makes me howl out loud.
  4. Hated that storyline (way too predictable that he'd start dating a student; would have been more interesting if it had been a Dean or someone who was more intelligent/in a higher position than him for a change) but it's quickly forgiven with the Bruce Willis episodes!
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  5. Don't be mad at the pretty lady, coo!
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  6. I think Bruce Willis doing his love machine dance is one of the cringiest moments in Friends history.
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  7. Monica is so underrated as a character, and re watching the show it does make me feel awkward/icky in the earlier seasons when Chandler and Joey would make sexual remarks towards the girls.
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  8. Monica is my favourite character. I loved her obsessiveness with cleanliness and order, and her sibling rivalry with Ross always made me laugh out loud. Her eventual relationship with Chandler is the true heart of the show. Courteney was amazing in the role.
  9. Monica is by far the best out of the six. Not the funniest (I think that would be Phoebe), but I consider her the 'consistent one'. Also the one I most identify myself with, so...
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  10. It's an injustice that Courteney is the only Friend to not get an Emmy nomination. I really do think she was under appreciated because she was essentially the shows straight man. She had the OCD and all that which she got to lean into the comedy of, but it was established in the very beginning that Monica was the mature one, the one that mostly had it together if only she could find a man. I think that made it easier to overlook how great she was and how funny she was.
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  11. The One With The Free Porn is an episode I always forget about because whenever E4 aired repeats they always omitted that one episode because of the watershed.
  12. Monica really has had some of the funniest lines. Especially when her voice gets a tad higher, for example. "See you suckers later, I'm gonna go get me a BABY!"

    Or when Chandler talked about how she had car wash soap and sponges under the cabinet.
    Monica" I got all that stuff because there was this really dirty car parked in front of the building and I washed it!"
    Chandler" and?"
    Monica" and six others ....."
    Chandler"there ya are."
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  13. You don’t think the chefs mahi-mahi is awful awful is bed press?
  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Courteney Cox's Instagram videos lately of trying to get that little kid to say "I KNOW!" are truly funny.
  15. In the early seasons I really admired how the writers tried to avoid the usual sitcom story elements as much as possible - like The One with Two Parties, in any other show, Rachel's parents would have found out about it and there would've been some "We're sorry, we were being selfish when it's your day,"-speech to tie in with moral lesson of the week.

    Phoebe prison breaking Monica's guests is also amazing. "Did someone forget to use a coaster!?"
  16. Just watched the episode of Rachel and Phoebe competing to be the bridesmaid for Monica and their entire little storyline was brilliant and well written. Meanwhile, the storyline for the guys was 'lol Ross and Joey napped together'.
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  17. Ross and Monica one-upping each other in their revelations about their respective secrets will always be a show highlight.
  18. One of my favourite moments is when Pheobe is comforting Rachel and she goes "aww Pheebs" because she thought that's what they called each other.. it still makes me laugh out loud whenever I watch it.
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  19. Haha yes!

    Phoebe was always my favourite. As the 'weird one' she often came out wit the most sense, like the time she Ross and Susan are stuck in the closet in the hospital and she reminds them that they're arguing over who gets to love the baby the most (plus 'And they found their bodies the very next day...'). Ross was a dick in that scene though.
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  20. Ross is a dick in general, though. There is always someone else to blame with him.
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