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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Some weird choices there. Chandler In a Box is an average episode at best.
  2. Monica thinking Chandler was turned on by sharks was a real lame writing session.
  3. That's why they did it - when the writers presented the idea, everyone went "That'd be so stupid, why would they do that?" so they forced the idea through to show that sometimes friends do dumb things like get together and it doesn't work out.

    The one(s) I can't watch are when Rachel's giving birth, especially when she has giving birth. I've never liked the "misunderstandings that could be solved by a 2 minute conversation but everyone runs around assuming things" trope, and that episode dials it up by 1000.
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  4. Friends was always great, but there was a definite decrease in quality in seasons 7-10. They started to rely more often on slapstick and childish humor, like saying crap every other episode for the laughs, and dumbing down the characters (Joey can’t speak French, Shark porn etc).
  5. I’m sorry but Monica asking "do you want me to get into the tub and thrash?" was gold.
  6. You have to admit the whole idea of the plot was dumb though.
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  7. I don’t think the later Seasons deteriorated on the whole, they just had a few duff episodes where the earlier seasons didn’t.
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  8. Yea of the fabled Thanksgiving episodes this is one of the weakest. The absolute worst is season 7. I don't even remember what happened (is this the one where Chandler can't cry? Or hates dogs?) but I remember it being one with Tag, which is the worst storyline in the season. Decent actor, good looking guy, zero chemistry with Jennifer. This entire storyline for her was painful to watch and it probably only lasted 6 or 7 episodes but it felt like an eternity.
  9. At least the cast had a quality filter and the writers occasionally listening to them. Saying that, Chandler going to male strip club for the sandwiches sounds better than Chandler and shark porn.

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  10. I’ve found myself watching a lot more of the older episodes because I have some time on my hands and I can definitely see now that there was a serious dip in quality post season 7. The gags just felt so silly and not the witty, sharp comedy the earlier episodes had.

    I will never get over the Joey can’t speak French episode, by far the laziest bit of writing across the whole 10 seasons.

    I can’t remember where I read this, it was years ago but I remember there being something about how after 9/11 audiences turned to shows like Friends for much-needed light relief. Especially as it was set in New York, audiences watched it for escapism purposes. I think there was even a rise in viewing figures? But I do wonder if the writers noticed that people were watching the show more so now to get away from the real world that their gags just became sillier to meet that need?
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  11. ddd it was the first episode I saw

  12. I still find this so funny nn:
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  13. Courtney being the star. It feels right.
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  15. It's so lovely seeing them still together so often. I'd love to see them come back with an episode but the pressure around it would be so much to live up to. I am happy enough just seeing them on Instagram and forever on Netflix though.
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  16. I don't want a reunion episode but I would like to know where/what all they'd all be doing in 2019.
  17. Rachel has just quit The Real Housewives of New York for the 3rd time (and is already negotiating her return paycheck), her ex-husband Ross does a flop educational YouTube series about dinosaurs and still teaches at NYU, Emma is a social media influencer who's dating someone from Riverdale, Chandler & Monica own multiple airbnb properties in Connecticut and barely talk to the others, Phoebe is an Uber driver who hawks her CDs out of the back of the car (she's also mildly popular on Twitter for her conspiracy tweets) and is still married to Mike, and Joey plays the horny grandfather on a low-rated NBC reboot of The Jeff Foxworthy Show.
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  18. And Denise?
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  19. The others still haven't seen her, except for Mike who can neither confirm nor deny her existence on behalf of Phoebe.
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