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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I think by the end of the season it had become what we know it as, but in the early episodes you can definitely tell they're still feeling it out. Like those episodes that open with them talking about something that has nothing to do with the actual plot but basically serves to remind you that "These characters are in their 20's! They talk about sex!" and then the theme song comes on and we get into the actual episode.
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  2. I do like the first season. A few things of it I didn't like.
    -Ross's "hey ..." He did a lot. I found it just annoying.
    -Phoebe was settling in her hilarious quirky character more after this season.
    -Rachel's- higher pitch voice. Especially in the pilot when talking on the phone to her dad. "What if I wanted to be idk.. a hat??"

    Still loved it tho.
    Some shows just try and find their footing in the first season and that's fine.
    Because by the last season they were settling into making most the characters caricatures of themselves and over the top.
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  3. I love that Phoebe ended up marrying Mike, the random stranger Joey roped in to go on a blind date.
  4. Mike fit in so perfectly with the show. Can't imagine what a tough position Paul Rudd was in at the time coming into a show that had been so established & so popular for all those years but he handled it so well. Also doesn't hurt when you're Paul Rudd who is charismatic & charming as hell.
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  5. Phoebe's reaction to finding out Santa Claus isn't real Haha

  6. Or when she thinks Denise is Santa haha
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  7. I’m watching the one where phoebe is mad at Ross. I forgot how funny this was.
  8. I don't know if this is a common opinion or whether it's just me but Phoebe keeping rat babies is one of my favourite Phoebe related story lines.

    I also love the one where Monica and Rachel are fighting over who gets her Gladys picture.
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  10. His followers are going up so fast that he's got that same glitch Jennifer had - won't let me follow him.
    It's nice to see them all on social media and interacting.

    I just finished my latest re-watch yesterday and the ending got me as always.
  11. One of the things I noticed in this latest re-watch is that Phoebe was the strongest character over the last couple seasons. Where the writing for the others (particularly Monica, Ross & Joey) got lazy, everything for her felt quite fresh and we did see a lot of genuine growth after she'd been stunted for the early years of the show. Perhaps because her personality had always been a bit all over the place, there were no lazy one-note jokes to make like with the others.

    Massively down to Lisa Kudrow as well, she was the only one to actually improve her character with the acting as the years went on.
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  12. Looking at who he is following and I cant believe Hank Azaria only has 47k followers.

    This guy is the voice of freaking Mo in the Simpsons.
  13. KEEP IT
  14. "the cast of the iconic comedy series Friends is expected to get together for an unscripted reunion special."

    How the hell will that work? The actors sat around reminiscing?
  15. Probably like all the other reunions we have had.
  16. We haven't actually had one with all six the last one had Matthew Perry missing so it will still be worth seeing.
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  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    A reunion special where they all sit around and reminisce would be fun. I'd like it if it could take place in a replica set though. Not a big talk show type environment.
  18. Central Perk is permanently set up at Warner Bros in L.A so that makes complete sense actually.
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  19. Pretty much. It's been the gold standard way of doing cast reunions (especially for network television shows) for decades. Not a new concept.

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