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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I know she left on bad terms with the cast but that Threes Company reunion just didnt have any substance without Suzanne Somers.
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  2. I only now discovered this promo movie where Jen and Matthew are being taught how to use Windows 95. They're playing themselves but they act like Rachel and Chandler. It's not very good but could it be any more 90's?

  3. Yeah this promo movie always reminds me how neglected we were of more Matthew/Jennifer scenes but I've always said they were kept apart more because their chemistry could have easily threatened the Ross/Rachel dynamic. Even in this promo movie & this interview you could see they had some serious chemistry between them (to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if they ever hooked up/dated behind-the-scenes in the early years).

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  4. The one and only Phoebe Buffay on Blackpools North Pier.

    Seems strange to see her somewhere I've walked along dozens of times over the years.
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  5. Yeah that was from last summer, I think it was posted about then as well.
  6. Already seen so many people mistake it for a new episode.
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  7. So exciting! I think everyone has posted that haven't they?

    Side note but Courtney’s profile photo being Fat Monica kills me everytime I come across it.
  8. It’s an hour long reunion special.

    I’m assuming it’ll be them talking about their fave moments from the series and stuff?
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  9. It's going to be so nostalgic. I hope their chemistry together is still the same.
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'd much prefer an unscripted roundtable discussion of sorts over anything scripted (I watched the Jimmy Kimmel skit exactly once and it still haunts me) so I'm thrilled that they're going with the former.

    I know the GP have been clamouring for a reboot for years, but I've always felt like people don't consciously realize that they actually just want to see the six Friends in the same room together as opposed to new episodes. The current season of Will & Grace for example is a total car crash (not to mention the unsavoury behind-the-scenes drama), so with an unscripted special, they avoid tarnishing the legacy of the original show and still give the people what they want.
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  11. Surely not.

    I don't imagine they'd all simultaneously post "it's happening" for an episode of them discussing their time on Friends.

    It's happening alludes to them reuniting for a new episode after being asked for the last 16 years.

    Obviously I could be wrong and if I am I will be very disappointed.
  12. A new episode will never happen. Perhaps that's a good thing. Look at all the hype that's kicked up for this documentary type thing. How would they ever live up to the hype for a brand new episode of the series?
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  13. It's def just a sit down reunion in the old Friends stage lot.

    The non-scripted reunion has been rumoured ever since Friends left Netflix US and was snapped up HBO for their streaming service. There was a bit of will they/won't they over cast negotiations for pay, and this is just all 6 of them confirming that they've signed up for it.
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  14. How pointless.
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  15. I know I’m going to watch this but I’m not sure if it’s particularly exciting me.
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  16. Where are people getting that it’s not new episodes? I’m genuinely asking! Has it been confirmed any where?

    Everyone I’ve spoken to is under the impression it’s new episodes. There’s gonna be a lot of disappointed fans if it isn’t that. There is absolutely no reason or indication for the casual fan to not think it’s new episodes. Not everyone keeps up with rumours etc. If it is an interview or whatever, I’d say they’ve kinda gone around it the wrong way with all these posts? It’s definitely a bit misleading.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I've seen the cast interviewed about Friends countless times so I can't get excited about this. I'm sure it'll be fun but I'd rather have a new episode. It's not like they've all avoided each other over the years or anything.

    Straight from the press release. Click bait media caught in using ambiguous language as click bait shocker.
  19. Ding ding. I'm so glad they're realizing that sometimes it's actually okay to let things be what they are.
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