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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Try Zavvi There’s a bunch of tees and stuff on there
  2. H&M used to have a few bits here and there and they change their styles quite often as well? Don't know about now, though.
  3. Pat


    I've seen people wearing Friends hoodies all the time in the city. Urban Outfitters seems to sell them and a lot of other merch.
  4. Thanks everyone il check them out!
  5. Random observation of the week:

    It’s funny how the first few seasons were much more centred around their sex lives and relationships. Compared to the later seasons when it became a bit more madcap and focused on whatever scrapes they happened to find themselves in in that particular episode.
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  6. The first four seasons was the show at its best. I tend to jump back to the beginning when I reach season six-ish during rewatches as it just gets kinda stale around that point. Friends was never highbrow but the jokes just became too juvenile after awhile.
  7. The first season was a bit meh though, like the cast was trying too hard. The second season was when it found its footing.
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  8. I'm a die hard STAN, but yeah that first season is ROUGH...
    I'm always curious to how it was watching real time... It's hard to get through and you binge through it...
  9. The ratings weren’t spectacular right? They did repeats during the Summer of 95 and then Season 2 took off.

    I also never watch past Season 7 unless I have a specific episode in mind,
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  10. Yeah, but I wonder what the thoughts were of the ones who were giving it the ratings it did get...
  11. Maybe now the first season seems a bit slow and rough, but in 1994 it was a breath of fresh air that got better as the season went by. I remember people were obsessed about it by mid-season, lol.

    I love all 10 seasons, but there’s a definite decline in quality in seasons 7-10, with a little improvement in season 8. Season 3-6 are gold.
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  12. I'm currently doing a marathon after a long Friends hiatus and I'm really enjoying S1. The only real low point for me was the 2-part episodes which really dragged and also I've always hated the Ross/Marcel story. It's not my favourite season (that crown goes to S3) but I do love the whole nostalgic feel to it and the storylines aren't so ridiculous like some get later down the line.

    From what I can tell though S1 was huge at the time particularly the second half onwards especially as far as viewing figures.
  13. I have a special place in my heart for Season 8.
  14. There was something to love about the show always, but season 7 is the overall weakest season I think.
  15. I think any show that runs for as long as that will inevitably dip in quality. This is why I welcomed the news that Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which I love with my whole heart, is wrapping up with its next season.

    No-one wants another Simpsons, whose ratings must be at least 90% people falling asleep in front of the TV after football and Sunday dinner by now.
  16. Series 7 always has a special place for me as that boxset was the first set of DVDs I owned when I was bought a DVD player as a teen, so I ended up hammering it to the point where I could probably recite the whole season line by line.
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  17. I read somewhere that would be canceled already if not for international sales being super high. But I agree. I wonder if they ever will stop The Simpsons.
  18. There are some great episodes in it but what I always remember most is the stupid broken chair, Tag, and that it was another season you could clearly see Matthew was struggling.
  19. The Marcel storyline was so stupid and they rightly shaded it seasons later (though ironically, their later stuff wasn’t that much smarter). I remember Ross saying, “Remember when I had a monkey?”
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  20. I think it any of the main voice cast left the show for any reason. They would decide to call it a day.

    With Friends Season 10 is my least favourite. It felt like they were just treading water and probably could have been condensed into 13 episodes instead of the 18 (counting the last one as two episodes).

    Season 1 used to be my least favourite when I was younger. But I definitely relate to it more now and enjoy it more now that I'm in my early 30's.
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