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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I always remember the one with the cheesecake. I just remember Jennifer being so funny in that one and bouncing off of Matthew's expert comedy timing so well.
  2. Her delivery of "you escaped....death" floors me every single time.
  3. Weirdly, that episode was the first one where the show dropped in quality for me. It felt like the beginning of them being paid more to do less, where as they were working their asses off in the first two seasons.

    But it could also be that it revolved a lot around Ross and my feelings towards him are well documented.
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  4. Was Friends never a critics favourite? Compared to its peers like Will & Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond, it’s Emmy wins/nominations trail behind. Don’t think I ever noticed that before. It’s still such a shame Courteney never got an Emmy nomination.
  5. What happened when the cast of friends got stuck at sea on a life raft?

    They were fine because Lisa Kudrow.
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  6. There wasn't space for Ross on the life raft ...

    Because David's a Schwimmer

    (I'll get my coat)
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  7. Delete your account.
  8. Which is ironic, because Courteney had without a doubt some of the funnier lines/moments/storylines over her castmates!
    A damn shame
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  9. Lisa may have done the rowing but ...

    Courtney was the Cox.

    (Monica would be perfect for the role...)
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  10. Haha Jennifer was so funny in these scenes and Rachel's predicament was very relatable.
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  11. Was it ever insinuated the Friends got high? Together or separately?
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