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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I was far more entertained then I thought based on the reviews. The only part that truly made me cringe was the runway which was giving me Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead vibes but less iconic. I was not bored and how they re-created the sets was pretty amazing.
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  2. Wasn't she just being Phoebe?
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  3. I’m really surprised at the negative reviews... I loved it! I thought it was a great celebration of one of the most iconic television shows of all time. I didn’t need to hear lots of juicy details - I just needed to be immersed in that world again and I loved it.

    Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were the stars of the whole thing for me though. The way that they subtly slipped into character every so often was such a treat.

    “Those are my hardwood floors!”
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  4. Oh yeah and when they flashed up those modelling shots of young Matt LeBlanc.

    Good Lord.
  5. I can see why something like this was cut. What a pointless thing to do.

  6. Oh my not watched that in soooo long, it was one of my video rental faves.


    Hated this character so much.
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  7. I absolutely loved this, minus the celebrity cameos. James C*rden is hardly in it! I remember watching Friends episodes on a bus on a school trip when I was 7 or 8…it really was and is the show for our generation.

    I think the six of them still have it - and they could have put them all on the sofa and left the camera rolling - some of this is unnecessary. I enjoyed the scene read throughs; the scene in Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment cracks me up every time.
  8. About to watch this thing in full, as I’ve only seen clips online! The David and Jen ‘crush’ reveal was so cute, though, and I loved Jen saying it’ll be their last reunion for a while, but they will probably all get dinner soon. It’s great that a legendary show like this didn’t have the on set drama that have plagued other shows. As others have mentioned, if there really was tension, it would’ve come out by now, and as I’ve also seen, the girls particularly are close in real life (Courteney mentioned she sees Lisa and Jen a lot and I think it's widely known Jen and Courteney are best friends?).

    Just to move this out of the way, today, I’ve learned that the whole Tulsa plot was created because it coincided with Matthew sorting out his personal issues? I’ve always found it a bit of a dumb plot point so it now makes sense. Glad to see how supportive they were of him at the time, too, and how they worked around it.

    Edit: I was looking through Courteney’s Instagram and she and Matthew hang out, too!

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  9. Courtney and Matthew seemed really close when he guested on Cougar Town. Especially in the bloopers at the end of the episode.
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  10. I really enjoyed the reunion. It’s a show that will always occupy a special place in my heart for how much I loved it growing up.
    The cameos didn’t ruin it for me, although I feel Gunther and Janice should have had more air time. It was also nice for me that Phoebe’s smelly cat episode got a tribute as it’s actually one of my favourites. Surprised that The One With The Videotape didn’t feature more as that is definitely a classic.
    I love how Lisa and David in particular came across in this.
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  11. I enjoyed it. I wish it was more focused and not as scattered, I wish they had more backstage stories and footage and less random people barging in with their insight. But mostly, it was eye opening in terms of how influential and pervasive the show was during its run and even now. As a kid who didn't grow up in America, the image of these 6 obscenely attractive people living in luxury while barely working and their overactive sex lives was basically my concept of adulthood. And to think that it was on the air for 10 years but it's been over for almost 20 and it's still such a big deal, at least for a particular age group. The power of pop culture and nostalgia.
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  12. Watching this brought tears to my eyes. It just felt emotional with the nostalgia. Seeing them react to their own bloopers and reminiscing old memories. I wish it was just the interview (by someone else) and the reminiscing on set and reading lines with longer cameo appearances from Tom, James, Maggie, the parents, etc.

    All the extra bits without the main cast felt unnecessary and a bit filler.
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  13. The beginning and end had me bawling, it's bizarre how interwoven a tv show can be with moments of your own life where looking back on it can cause such intense waves of emotion. Seeing them almost interact with their younger selves at the beginning wrecked me. Where did the time go.
  14. Watched this the other night and really enjoyed it. The format was kind of weird and some of the cameos being so short was strange but it didn’t ruin it by any means. I also got emotional watching it which I didn’t expect. It just felt good seeing them all together again and they seemed to genuinely enjoy it. I am glad they aren’t doing a reboot. It really isn’t needed especially for what the point of the show was as the creators explained.
  15. This would be really great. God knows how much it would cost / time would be spent but it'd be worth it. I'd definitely pay for a movie theater experience if that help the economics of it.
  16. Favourite part of the reunion was them watching and reacting to their bloopers, honestly wish that was longer!
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  17. Just watched this and I may have been crying on and off for 90 minutes. The pacing of it was definitely off. There was stuff that was just not needed. But when it was the 6 of them it was perfect.

    The number of articles I've seen criticizing it for not being a 2 hour apology fest for not being more diverse and having homophobic jokes is such an eye roll. It's ok to acknowledge those shortcomings exist in this show, but OBVIOUSLY this was going to be a celebration and not a deep dive into all the things they didn't do right through a 2021 lens. My god.
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  18. They still have it.
  19. Just finished watching the reunion and my god, why was I on the verge of tears from the very start?! I was like Jennifer holding the tissue the entire episode!

    I properly loved the reunion. It was the perfect blend of nostalgia and genuine humour and a true celebration of the show’s enduring legacy.

    The reviews for it have been so tepid, which doesn’t make sense to me. There’s been so much commentary on Courtney and Jennifer’s faces being pumped with Botox which feels like such a dated read. Surely, we’ve moved on as a society now from being catty towards women who have surgery or whatever? Like, worry about your own life!!

    The Gaga cameo was fun. Bieber made no sense being there but it is what it is. It’s a real testament to just how enigmatic all 6 of them are together that I really wasn’t bothered by Corden being there? The power that they have!!

    I know news articles talked about Matthew’s slurring speech, but I didn’t notice it at all? It just seemed like he had veneers put in and was adjusting to them?

    Overall, super happy with the reunion and high key can’t wait for Jennifer to be back on my screen for season 2 of The Morning Show!
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  20. Yea, the number of "I'm so glad Lisa has aged naturally and gracefully and is therefore morally superior to those two other desperate hags" is really something. All three women look fantastic.
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