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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Every episode that solely focuses on the 6 of them is a 10/10.
  2. I didn't think too much of the Lottery episode back in the day (perhaps much like many of the later seasons, it relies on their caricature traits amplified to the max), but it is one of the better ones in the final season.

    Like many have said, Lisa steals the episode but an honourable mention should be made to Jennifer's delivery of "Uhh...Emma just said Gleeba".
  3. I’d also give a shout out to the first four episodes of Season 8. The aftermath of Monica and Chandler’s wedding mixed with the chaos of Rachel’s pregnancy is a really exciting and energetic mix.
  4. Was it just me that used to love the scene with the 3 ladies but when it was the 3 guys I sort of zoned out. They were all great together but I just found the chemistry between Courtney-Jennifer-Lisa so electric.
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  5. I’m rewatching the whole series for the first time at the moment and anything past season 6 are episodes I think I’ve only seen when they aired though the first 4 seasons I’ve watched countless times and I believe are flawless. It changes in the later seasons as I’m sure its been mentioned where they lean far too much (in my opinion) into traits and tropes and situations that merely exist for the farce whereas the first half of the series as a whole feels much more based in reality (minus a monkey or two).

    The strength of the series has always been in those six characters and the fact you can put any of them together for a storyline and it works and when its just the six of them playing off each other the magic happens so thats why, I think, in the later series eps like The Lottery or The Videotape work best because it’s just them.
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  6. I finally watched the Reunion and it a great nostalgic watch. My only issues really were them not showing a clip from a scene they were discussing, for example, David talks about Marcel and how difficult it made the filming, but not once did we actually see Marcel, I’m sure it’s assumed that anyone watching this will know what they’re talking about but still.
    Also when Janice appeared, they showed a clip but didn’t feature her laugh or “Oh My God”, I know she did those things in the interview but still would have been nice to see it
    Aside from that, I really enjoyed it and I kind of want to start binge watching the series again from the beginning.
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  7. I am, and it is taking ages
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  8. I think that's because we're gay.
  9. Just finished my rewatch of all ten series and I am surprised to say that Ross was my MVP, didn't see it coming, surprises all round.

    But my god, the way they lean into the misogynistic and toxic masculinity humour drops the quality of this series so hard for me, especially in the later series.
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  10. Hello? This is the pigeon from the balcony calling to apologise. I shouldn’t have knocked the tickets out of the pretty lady’s hand. It was all my fault, not hers. Bye, coo.
  11. One of the best scenes.
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  12. I remember in one of my translation classes a few years ago we had a text that featured some pidgin English and the lecturer asked us, “does anyone here know a bit of pidgin English?” Still drunk from the night before, I replied using this quote in an apparently not so quiet fashion, and everyone laughed then clapped. A literally iconic quote.
  13. Friends ft. Laura Dern? End me now why don’t you.
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  14. SockMonkey

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  15. What a shame.
  16. Wow, rest in peace.

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