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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Very sad news.
  2. Genuinely upsetting news.
  3. I saw this before I went to bed last night and it really is a huge loss. Gunther was usually funnier than the main characters!
  4. I'm watching past Season 2 for the first time since they aired originally.

    The change is quite palpable, the production aesthetics definitely went up, but the characters kinda stopped seeming as 'real' as 1-2, a little more caricature-esque, leaning more into their idiosyncrasies for laughs rather than sharp observational wit.

    And I still can't stand Ross in any way.
  5. Ross was always my least favourite character. A total wet rag.
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  6. For me, he’s one of the only ones that gets funnier/better as the series continues…
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  7. He's just so whiny.
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  8. Ross wiggling his eyebrows in the fountain in the opening credits used to annoy the fuck out of me. But I grew to like him.
  9. Ross objectively is awful, but David Schwimmer played him really well. Probably the MVP of the later seasons when everyone else was phoning it in.
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  10. I loved the show all 10 seasons but Joey and Monica definitely became caricatures of themselves. Thats not Matt and Courteney's fault, but they both become pretty one note. Phoebe gets meaner and meaner, particularly to Chandler, as the series gets towards the end and I never understood that. Why would Chandler ever be friends with this woman? She's an asshole.
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