No. That trend came a little after it’s time.

Bottle cap episodes are cheaper to produce cuz they only take place on one set. So to cut costs they tried to have at least one once a season.

Though ER did a live episode in their season 4 and they started the same time as friends.

Sorry I have a gut reaction to give ER its flowers any opportunity as I think it gets overlooked in the discussion of prestige TV

This is so weird. It also affirms what I suspected with the reunion doc - their humour is totally stuck in like 2004. Keanu is really not the punching bag he once was.
Friends began in 1994, Ross's ex-wife was lesbian, one thing led to another and in 2022 Russia was forced to invade Ukraine "to have our children be like us and not like them".

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The fact that he references Keanu twice this way in his book is so fucking weird.
Yeah, I read the book - its a great read, he has been through a lot but that Keanu reference really put me off. Even if he was the biggest asshole, (and he really isn't), its awful to wish someone else dead instead of the other person. Besides, everybody says Keanu is one of the nicest guys and he also has been through a lot. If Matthew wasn't actually serious, its not funny at all.