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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Rachel was the best character. I loved it when she handed the repairman his spirit-level and said, 'Here's...your game.'
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    Looks-wise as well?
  3. I disagree. Well to an extent. The lack of chemistry is intentional, that's the whole point. The writers wanted a character you'd like but would never truly love or expect to be around for long, hence why the wedding was so unexpected.

    Helen acts it brilliantly, one of the best long term Friends guest stars.

    Oh, and i've thought of the worst episode, it has to be the one where Elizabeth's dad won't stop crying. I can't remember what happens in the rest of the episode because all I can remember is the annoyingness of those bits. But even at the worst episodes (which there aren't many of) I can still rewatch over and over and over again.

    Another amazing quote: "And hey, just so you know: It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every other guy and it is a big deal!"
  4. But Helen was even quoted saying how uncomfortable she felt with the rest of the cast quite some years ago...
  5. I'd imagine it would be quite hard to intergrate with a group of six actors who've been together for four years and are all pretty good friends, so I take your point. But a lot of it's down to the writing.
  6. I thought she was hilarious. "Mrs Newman if you're listening, bugger off, this is none of your business."

    And when she said 'thank you' when Ross said I love you.
  7. I love Friends. I bought the 10 seasons box set at Christmas. I've watched it through twice already. I'm on my 3rd run through it just starting season 4. It never gets old.
  8. No. I would go into a long detailed description of my physical appearance, but to be honest, I like remaining a mystery.
  9. Thinking of Friends, at work a few years ago someone posted on a notice board a sign saying "WANTED: FRIENDS" and then in smaller type seasons 2 and 3

    everyone looked at it, wondering what saddo put that up before realising it was just a Friends fan trying to complete their collection.
  10. Friends is the best TV show of all time. I have every episode on video, so obviously just need to buy the DVD box set.

    It got better as it went on, although the first episode of season 7 (The One With Monica's Thunder), is probably my least favourite. The One With The Holiday Armadillo is one of my favourites, but it's impossible to choose one.
  11. I used to adore it, however even though it did remain good it did outstay it's welcome. Some of the storylines towards the end were really hard the swallow. Joey's relationship with Rachel was the worst thing that ever happened on the show. Totally unbelieveable.
  12. I love the episode where Rachel and Chandler fight over the cheesecake.

    Also the one where they're moving the couch up the stairs 'PIVOT!'
  13. The cheese cake one is hilarious, and the Baby Got Back episode.
  14. Every time I fancy eating chicken, all I hear is "Chicken? I could eat some chicken".
    Friends is one of those shows that you could quote a single line from and everyone would know what it is.
  15. Ooh! Just remembered the little .GIF my best friend made me of my all time favourite Friends moment:

  16. I love it when Ross is doing the "Time-Out" sign to her and she says "Well up your's to!"
  17. I LOVE FRIENDS! Even though I haven't seen all episodes. My favourites are Chandler and Monica! They are hilarious!

    HAHA I l remember that one!

    Off my mind other episodes I like are when Ross got a tan. Also, the one where Monica won't quit playing table tennis with Phoebe's boyfriend and her hair started getting out of hand!

    EDIT: I just have to mention another episode I love, it's the one where Chandler and Ross went away for the weekend and they ended up taking loads of stuff from their hotel room!
  18. This may actually be my least favourite episode!

    I've remembered a moment which still makes me cry with laughter to this day. It's in series seven, I think, when Monica is planning her wedding and Ross decides that he'd like to play bagpipes. Right at the end of the episode Ross plays in front of everybody, it's supposed to be Kool And The Gang and he asks everyone to start singing along. Phoebe immediately gets that grin across her face and starts going, "Weeeeee, weeeeee, weeeeeeeee, WeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee..."

    Tears, every time.
  19. Charley

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    "I wish I'd thought this through..."

    I could have sworn I'd posted this, but apparently I didn't... It is hi-lar-ri-ous though!
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