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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. This is one of my favourites.
  2. I know it's been mentioned already but 'The One Where Everybody Finds Out' really is amazing. I love the 'They don't know that we know they know!' bits and of course Phoebe and Chandler's flirting 'So, this is my bra!'

    I LOVED Phoebe's running as well 'Come on, that's not running let's GOOOOO!!!!'

    The episode with the Apothocary tables were amazing too!
  3. The London episode with Ross and Emily's wedding is on E4 at the moment. I love the Hugh Laurie cameo - "You are a horrible, horrible, person".
  4. I think that season is the worst. It just didn't work.
  5. It did feel very strange to watch them in the UK.
  6. I just realised I still haven't mentioned one of my favourite parts of the entire Friends series - fat Monica flashbacks and Rachel's old nose!
  7. The original Thanksgiving ep!
  8. 'Oh my god, there's a toe in my kitchen!'
  9. I'm another one for 'The one where everybody finds out' - one of my favourite episodes ever."They don't know we know they know we know". My other favourite is 'The one with the embryos'. The game they play is so hilarious, and Monica's scream when they lose will never get old!
  10. "Actually, it's Miss Chanandler Bong"
  11. I love you, Chris. I just want you to know. The next one I was about to mention was SEVEN!
  12. Aww, the feelings mutual! I was going to post Rachel's fake Bombay accent and a few others as well but I figured if I didn't submit the post now I never would due to there being so many brilliant clips!

    Oh my god and I just remembered 'Amanda!' 'Oh I get it, A man - duhhh!'
  13. Some of the gags are just brilliant. I love the one where everyone finds out too. And also the one where the girls lose the apartment to the guys.

    There were also some really good serious moments. The one with the prom tape is excellent. The moment where Monica says to Ross "I can't believe you did that" and Rachel gets up and walks over to kiss him is one of my favourite moments in Friends.

    I'm starting season 4 now. I love the little cliffhanger season 3 left. Which room did Ross go into at the beach house? Bald girl or Rachel? It's so exciting.
  14. Yes Bombay is very nice at this time of year!

    I love all Phoebe's mentions of her dead grandmother as well. The one with Phoebe's cookies where she says ""You see, it is stuff like this, which is why you're burning in hell!"
    "The last thing she said to me was, "Okay dear, you go get the eggs and I'm gonna get the yogurt and we'll meet at the checkout counter." You know what? We will meet at the checkout counter"

    Oh and UNAGI!
  16. On E! News this morning, Ryan Seacrest mentioned "naked unagi" and it reminded me of that.
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