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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Charley, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I don't ever remember seeing that very last bit on TV before.
  2. Phoebe and Ross always had an amazing dynamic

  3. I always loved the relationship between Rachel and Chandler.

    The cheesecake episode is amazing.
  4. 40 seconds. That is why I love Phoebe. She is the best by a mile. But again, the show would not work if one was gone.
  5. "Friends" is THE perfect show. All of the relationships are perfectly balanced.
  6. Same here! I think because they're intimate moments are so few and far between that I loved it when they interacted, the cheesecake episode is indeed brilliant. I also really love they're little hallway chat about divorce in The One With Two Parties, really sweet.

    I think it's because it's a realistic friendship, they are basically friends because they share friends. I have friends like that, they are part of my group through others, but, there has been times where we really have bonded over one thing or another, and that is sometimes such a lovely thing about friendships.

    Oh and how can I forget when he's locked in the handcuff by her boss!
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  7. Rachel and Ross should have got drunk together more (not really). Their interactions during the Vegas episode were amazing.
  8. 'Look at you Mrs. Ross'
    "Look at you Mr. Rachel!"

    Best lines ever.
  9. Rachel: 'Hello Vegas.....we would like some more alcohol and you know what, we need some more beers......*starts laughing* I forgot to dial!!!'
    *knock knock*
    Ross: 'That'll be our alcohol and beers!'

    Brilliant, I love the vegas episode(s).
  10. Rachel: "I love Joey! Joey lives with a duck."
  11. "How you doin'?"
    "I'm doin' good baby, how you doin'?"

    Best delivery ever.
  12. [video=youtube;DtHTiiny9u4][/video]
  13. Can anybody tell me what episode this is from? Is it a delete scene or something, I've never seen it before:

  14. Menboong

    Menboong Guest

    That's one of the many deleted scenes that they added on in the complete boxset.

  15. [video=youtube;KoFNoLW1XCg][/video]
  16. Two things that should never have happened.

    1. Rachel having the baby - The character of Rachel lost her spark once she had the baby.

    2. Joey and Rachel hooking up - Anyone else find this too cringeworthy? I mean Phoebe and Joey I can understand but with these two it didn't feel believable at all.
  17. I agree with the second point - that was one of a very few number of mistakes that 'Friends' made. It just felt like a step too far. The first point never really bothered me though, as it did create a great little mystery storyline over Seasons 7/8. I felt like they kept the Emma stuff to fairly low degree, and of course, it did provide us with this:


    "Nothing else worked - that girl is all about the ass!"
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  18. Rachel being the first to have a baby was a great arc for the character who started off as so spoiled and selfish, and it pulled her and Ross together in a more substantial way than a straightforward with-they-won't-they. I'm often opposed to the laziness of sitcoms adding a baby to the mix in the later seasons of a show just to shake things up but it felt right for Friends.

    Rachel and Joey though, that was awful. Joey having a crush on her was actually fairly well-executed and gave Joey some much-need emotional heft to play with but Rachel ever reciprocating was just a step too far. Ross and Rachel, of course. Monica and Chandler, inspired. But Rachel and Joey? Pfft.
  19. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    I loved the Ellen reunion of Matthew Perry, Jennifer and Courtney! It was amazing. Although Courtney looks terrible - is she exhausted or has she had her face done?
  20. Rachel is such an underrated character. She was a tad annoying to start off with (especially because Jennifer Aniston put on a high-pitched voice for her), but by about season 4, she was immensely likeable. It's very unusual for a character to actually get better over the course of a TV show (let alone one that stood for 10 years), but Rachel and Jennifer Aniston managed it. This is especially surprising, considering that Rachel actually lost her 'thing' by season 3 (her spoilt personality) - Jennifer Aniston had the most difficult job of bringing her designated character to life, because she really had the least to work with (e.g. Courteney Cox was brilliant, but 'neurotic' is pretty tangible. Sarcasm for Matthew Perry etc). And yet, she did, and give her a distinctive, yet non-clich├ęd personality.

    With the help of good writing, of course.
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