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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, May 21, 2018.


Will (G)I-DLE outsell CLC?

  1. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  2. Yes

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  1. I was bored ddd. Anyway stan Cube new GG in this thread. Anticipate their first music show win xx
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  2. Soyeon, Miyeon and Soojin are kinda the most iconic.
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  3. Reminder that Soyeon wrote this bop when most trainees her age are, I dunno, practicing how to make a heart shape with their fingers in their agency's basement:

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  4. You did not just do Yu-deepest voice in K-Pop right now-qi wrong like this.

    Also, @junglefish isn't Yuqi a lead vocalist?
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  5. Nnñ I copied the text from Soojin's image and forgot to change it.
    I edited it!
    Yuqi, Soyeon and Miyeon >>>
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  6. Debut of the year?
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  7. Well we still have a few promising girl groups debuting this year, but they’re certainly contenders.
    If I'm not mistaken, they're the only non-Big 3 GG from 2016-2018 to chart in the Gaon Digital top 40 with their debut single, along with gugudan.
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  8. The mini is so so great. 'Latata' is still surprisingly holding up for me. 'Maze' is literally quite amazing, and possibly better than the title track (but totally understand why they went for the latter).

    (Also all LOONA stans, "Don't Text Me" is basically an OEC albumtrack and it's so so good.)
  9. I Am as a mini has been on such a heavy loop for me the last couple of weeks, especially $$$ and Maze. They’re a really exciting prospect as far as new girl groups go (& I’m very much team Yuqi, Minnie & Soojin). Poor Shuhua getting 0 to do & blocked out of 95% of the choreo.

    Between them, CLC’s output since last year and Pentagon suddenly bursting into my periphery - I feel like a Lil BearCube now.
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  10. First win! With their debut single! Stan the new Nation’s GG!
    TWICE unnies are quacking! [+999 -0]
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  11. I always suffer for the underdogs ddddd
    Is she nonexistent on the album tracks as well? Poor ha.

    Cube always putting an extra member where there is no need...
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  12. Minnie (and Yuqi) are gonna snatch up all the i-fans, aren't they?
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  13. Thank you all for doing my job and keeping this thread up to date ddd.
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  14. the fashuns in this video
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  15. Too late...
    I was watching the group’s full After School Club episode on the coach Home earlier and, whilst they’re fire on stage as a unit, they’ve got a little way to go with loosening up & relaxing in the variety/livestream settings. Still, the awkwardness is endearing & im sure they’ll get there in time.
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  16. Okay, but they were lowkey already my favorite, so clearly I can spot them from afar.
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  17. Oooooh girls...What's In Your House is that anthem and it's making me feel all kinds of thingsssss that bass got me like
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  18. Up to #16 on Gaon Digital Chart and #6 on the Album chart!
    Legends in the making.
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