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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, May 21, 2018.

  1. I’m so ready
  2. I really like the teasers so far. I love that we're getting "softer" visuals this time.
  3. @codecat Plaid alert!
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  4. Already sounds like a bop
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  5. Sounds like the mini album might go off tbh.
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  6. The teasers for the new mini sound quite good - apart from the one of the title track. I hope this isn't their first misstep.
  7. I’m not really feeling Senorita based on that clip. Hopefully the full version changes my mind.
  8. Weird. I feel like I’m on the opposite end here, I think ‘Señorita’ sounds pretty promising for now, I definitely want to hear the whole thing, but the rest of the mini is definition of filler filler filler. A shame after their first mini being pretty decent.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I could see them being the kind of group to have really strong singles constantly, but pretty poor albums made of scrapped demos. Hopefully not!
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  9. The video seems to be a bit different to the soft aesthetic from the teaser pics we saw earlier. I'm a bit more intrigued about the song now.

  10. Really nice. I love that they tried something different sonically and visually.
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  11. The chorus is extremely dull, but the chorus is nice if not their best. It took me about five months to realise how amazing LATATA is so I'm sure it'll grow on me ... eventually.
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  12. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I wanted to like this so much, but I keep thinking about how Soyeon gave out the superior song to CLC nñn
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  13. Why do I get the feeling that Soyeon just discovered her grandparents' old dogearred and scratchy Sergio Mendes and Herb Albert album collections?

    (It was an awesome day for me, too.)

    Oh, and holy frickin' shit, Yuqi just defenestrated me and what I had left of a wig at 3:03.
    Sweet mother of GOD.
    Great Moments in KPop. That whole last 45 seconds. Wow. Wasn't ready for it.
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  14. Soojin is so snatched

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  15. I love Senorita but why is this mini so boring?
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  16. Three winning singles in a row, the talentry.

  17. I’m so happy for them! And the song has really grown on me now, such an ear worm.
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  18. Ok this mini has grown on me after some back to back plays. Blow Your Mind is that chill sequel for the brilliant What's In Your House. I also love how moody Put It Straight is.
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