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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, May 21, 2018.


Will (G)I-DLE outsell CLC?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. Yes

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  1. Soojin(?)'s dancing in the chorus is the best part of this song tbfh.
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  2. We have a hit ladies.

  3. They're at #4 on Instiz.
    I can't wait to see where HANN debuts on Gaon.

    Cube uploaded the first BTS video for HANN:
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  4. I live for KPop dance practice videos and I have to say this one is first rate. They really are the real deal.
    I love groups that raise the bar like they do.
    There aren't many of them....

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  5. What's On Cube is so brilliant I wish more companies did stuff like this, it really shows groups personalities and stuff. I'd never had guessed that Shuhua/Soojin/Miyeon were so close, but all their interactions are so cute I love them so much together. My bias line ♥
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  6. Soyeon kind of reminds me of a young Kahi.
    Clearly the HBIC.
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  7. First US interview with Billboard.
    Pretty interesting! Soyeon is really something else. I love how passionate she seems about not only performing, but also creating music.
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  8. HANN debuts at #14 on Gaon, for the period of Aug 12-18! I was hoping for top 10, but with only four days to chart...
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  9. I'd say that's impressive, but I know nothing.
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  10. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s really impressive. They’ve done amazingly well.
    When you see the Gaon peaks of the post-IOI groups compared to (G)I-DLE... Soyeon won.
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  11. He


    Her story makes me so happy.

    That girl had such a hard time, and her belief in being an idol seemed to wane, during the show. Mostly because some man-children called her ugly.

    She perfected her craft, and came back with a vengeance. I want her to keep smashing with her girls.
  12. Soyeon was one of the trainees I was rooting for most in P101, along with Sejeong and Yeonjung. She just has it.

    Also - I'm not generally someone who really cares about the lyrics of songs (both for k-pop and Western music), but I really like the lyrics of HANN (Latata, too). For some reason my annotations/translations for the HANN video were shown in Dutch, and it made me appreciate the song even more.
  13. 'I Am' is the album of the year so far, I still don't know whats my favorite song.
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  14. According to a translation I read earlier, Soyeon choreographed Shuhua's little dance break.

    Interesting, if true.
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  15. Cube should just appoint her as the new CEO to be honest. I'm sure she could get CLC their first hit.
  16. Reminder that this mega bop exists

  17. FUN FACT: the foxy lady is Soojin. She also appears in the MV for Idle Song.
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  18. Yeah 'Latata' starts with Soojin giving Soyeon the mask, it was really clever and she looks so hot.
    Wooseok, E'Dawn & Guanlin are also in the video, idk who the DJ is.
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  19. Eaux. I forgot about that ddd.

    Looking gorgeous in white:
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