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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, May 21, 2018.


Will (G)I-DLE outsell CLC?

  1. Yes

    21 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    10 vote(s)
  1. Yuqinator here.
  2. Well, the stanbase did start calling themselves 'noodles' for some reason.
  3. I'm sticking with "Girdled."

  4. The song is trash (I bop though) but Soyeon and Miyeon were so good. They’re such great performers.
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  5. Ddd wait they won ROTY over IZ*ONE in the end? Talent!
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  6. IZ*ONE wasn't nominated at the Genie Awards dd. They won over LOONA, Khan, fromis_9 and Celeb Five.
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  7. I love Soyeon and Miyeon so much.
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  8. Soyeon and Miyeon in virtual space:

    I just frickin' love the artwork. I'm sure this has been posted before don't say no.
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  9. Ok, so the song is pretty basic, but I'm bopping? The live performance was weird, but I was interested enough to keep watching. Soyeon and Miyeon are stars and definitely outperformed the other two.
  10. I'm LOVING this!!!

    I saw a meme about this on twitter yesterday and had no idea what it was about and now it just popped up on the New Music Friday list dddd
  11. Soyeon is great but holy fuck, Miyeon!

    That entrance. The boots. The swagger. The voice. The first person in human history to upstage their own augmented reality. Who knew?
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  12. Nice little tweet about Soyeon from Kim Youngdae, renowned music critic and one of the members of the Korean Music Awards' selection commitee.

    We love a critically AND commercially acclaimed Queen!
  13. Sorry for the double post but I just noticed that POP/STARS entered Gaon's Digital Chart at #42! yusss
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  14. Underrated by who, though?
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  15. Yuqi has such an original voice. I would not mind her getting more focus in the next era.
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  16. Totally agree.
    There really aren't enough vocal groups with a strong mix of really distinctive voices.
    That was one of the many, many strengths of f(x) and (G)I-DLE reminds me of them in that respect.
    And their charisma. Larger than life.
  17. Miyeon and Soyeon made the other two look like amateurs in the POP/STARS performance video so yeah i agree. They have so much star power, it is spell binding to watch them perform.
  18. So there is a new song called Relay in Spotify.

  19. Issa bit shit, huh...
  20. Yeah after the brilliant run of Latata, Hann (Alone) and POP/STARS it feels a bit underwhelming.
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