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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, May 21, 2018.


Will (G)I-DLE outsell CLC?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    10 vote(s)
  1. Nn it’s just the ending theme to the Running Man animated series. I’m just glad they’re getting coins and their name attached to a successful franchise.

    That said... yes it’s shit.
  2. Is this their first performance with additional dancers?

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  3. I don’t know but it was a great performance.
    They also won the best new artist award in their category!
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  4. Ugh they’re so talented.

    Amazing performance.
  5. [​IMG]

    Everytime Soojin takes center, I gasped a little. She just oozes charisma when dancing.
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  6. Q U E E N S

    Soyeon also performed with one of @Slice of Life's foetal faves :

    She's... amazing.
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  7. God they are all so stunning.

    Yuqi is GORGEOUS.
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  8. So I realise you guys probably know all this stuff already, but I was watching this "Helpful Guide to G-IDLE" on YouTube just now and it's genuinely, well, helpful. It's also really nice to see all the dorky stuff in between. I think Soojin is my new fave.

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  9. I hope they get three comebacks in 2019. And at least one or two proper mini albums.
  10. Guess we need to change the thread title:
  11. So... what the fuck is CUBE doing? Are they gonna wait until the hype completely dies down to announce a comeback?
    We been knew the group is kind of CUBE answer's to BLACKPINK but they don't have to follow their release schedule.

    Anyway, their reality show started :
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  12. Yuqi is so under the radar iconic.
  13. HANN feels so long ago. I still wish we got a proper second mini album - I Am was easily in my top 3 favourite k-pop albums from last year.
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  14. They’re supposedly making a comeback on the 26th February.
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  15. W
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  16. I'm really happy we're getting a new mini. I hope it'll have a song like What's in your house?
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  18. They’re so gorgeous.
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