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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by musicboy202, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. The thing is, as lovely as Jazzy was, she brought nothing to the group vocally or personality-wise that stood out. She was absolutely an angel and clearly loved it but I can totally understand the point of view that they wanted it to just be the original girls.

    I was a fan of GRL with Jazzy but Robin was right when she said it felt like an entirely different group, it really did.

    This is definitely the best decision for them, and although it must suck for jazzy, her putting that song clip up yesterday has done her no favours.
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  2. Apparently they released an EP in the UK? Anyone?

  3. Oh that'll be the original GRL EP which was unavailable on UK Spotify for some reason
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  4. Yeah, it’s on Apple Music now.
  5. Yeah, I felt really bad for Jazzy when I found out she wanted to be a part of the new lineup, but I didn't feel like she brought anything to the group either, so I can't say I'm mad... (also, I feel like her song is kinda petty; wish she would have expressed her feelings in some other way, but it's her right I guess).

    I just love that it's the original girls now. They're the ones who went through all the ups and downs of the first few years, and obviously the tragedy. I do wish Paula was part of it too, but at least we have these 3 who are incredibly talented, look cohesive as a group, and have the original chemistry. I'm really really rooting for them.
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  6. I reckon jazzy has a beautiful voice , and perfect look for GRL. I didn’t at first, it was the red hair thing, but she slotted in well. I wish her all the success.

    I really hope GRL take off again. So much potential.

    It was actually gut wrenching what fans have been tagging Jazzy on her Insta days ago. Poor girl in the end turned off her comments. I was really upset reading those comments.
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  7. Hope the singles with Jazzy do not disappear from streaming, "Kiss Myself" is a booop
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  8. Man all this pettiness they could've been a bomb quartet with Jazz, imagine the harmonies and she would've been perfect with them especially considering Paula chose not join due to her not being comfortable with singing why not have an actual singer in the group plus that fire red would pop with their current aesthetic.
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  9. I have to agree. I wasn’t cool with her in the beginning but she actually has a good look/ and has an amazing voice. She never replaced Simone, which people need to move on, she was a new member. Plus she was also friends with Simone, and had nothing but love for her.
  10. I actually didn’t see star quality in Jazz. Her addition to the group really changed the dynamic of what they had before. I don’t think she was as much of a force as her older sister.
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  11. Who is her sister ?
  12. Natalie Mejia, from Girlicious.
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  13. It’s easy for us to say that they could’ve easily added Jazzy. However, as Emmalyn stated, she (and Paula) don’t have a relationship with her, don’t know her and have never worked with her. So the fact that Emmalyn and Paula (and the old management) only wanted this with Natasha and Lauren is completely understandable.

    I understand that her feelings are hurt but the tragic events for the original line-up led to the break-up and to Emmalyn and Paula leaving the group. I would assume that Jazzy can understand that now time has passed and the girls have grieved, they want to try it again together. Their dreams came abruptly to an end and the girls have a special bond. Releasing a song about ‘mean GRL’ and shading the other girls/Robin Antin isn’t really it.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Robin but she absolutely cares for the girls and seeing Natasha cry because of the issue with Jazzy makes me sad. Let them enjoy this second around and not create more unnecessary drama. Accept the unique history of the group and focus on your own thing.
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  14. Moving forwards......I can not wait to see what they come up with.

    Vacation is such a bop.
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  15. 'Kiss Myself' and 'Are We Good' are my favorite G.R.L. songs...
  16. "Rewind" will never not be a bop. I'd love if they tapped into soundscape again.
  17. Poor Jazzy got added to the group for a few nightclub performances and a music video shot at Robin's dance studio with a budget of what looked around $25. Then got the chop the minute Emmalyn wanted back in. You can see why she's pressed.

    Emmalyn is such a star though and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, I'm glad she's back.

    When did Natasha cry?
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  18. That was in a live video they did, there was a 10-minute clip of it posted on the last couple of pages here
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  19. I believe she got to go to Australia too? I do feel sorry for her but she had a good ride. The lineup was almost like a different group to me, so I can understand why she wasn't invited back as sad as that is.
  20. Does anyone have info about them being on Jimmy Kimmell?
    There's a behind the scenes shot of them on stage, I'm costume with mics.
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