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Gabriella Cilmi - 'Ten' Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by outsync, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. slimane

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    OUCCCHH!!! Down to 73 from 28 in it's second week. Not a good week for Crown management.
  2. Gabriella Cilmi just isn't a big enough artist to have her first single from an album be the lead single, with the album being released a week or two later.
  3. After ripping off the Amy sound, then the electro sound, I hope she does a Pink/Vanessa Amorosi clone next.
    Girl has too much vocal talent to go down the shitter.
    Turning into an Aussie Anastacia in a way.
  4. Album is growing on me in a big way.

    I think Defender could be a pretty big hit.
  5. im in love with 'Ten', the whole thing is amazing and so well produced, robots is cosmical, love me coz you want to is definitely her masterpiece, what if you knew is so catchy and cute, and finally boys should make a sure hit for her
  6. Surely it's hardly a departure when you consider what Save The Lies sounded like. I wonder what her 'New Orleans' stuff would have turned out like.
  7. i Buoght this albmu, ON Sateurday, it is rubesh
  8. vasilios

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    Shame on you, Climi with be with you in a few days! What will you say to her?
  9. Someone's had a change of heart!
  10. The more i listen to the album, the more i love it. Defender is brilliant. I hear she wrote thae song about her brother. That is beautiful. I also love robots and boys. All the songs on the album are great. I hope it takes off and does really well.This album deserves to be heard.
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  11. I'm sure the album will pick up again when the next single comes out.
    Which one is due next?
  12. I really like this album. Standouts to me are Hearts Don't Lie (love the 'my heart keeps ticking' or whatever she says bit) and Love Me Cos You Want To. I find it more immediate than Lessons To Be Learned anyway.
  13. Are you for real?! I can't tell whether or not you're taking the piss!
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  14. I am for real. I don't know why you would say such a thing. This album is amazing. You should try listening to it with an open mind.
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  15. I hear it will be "hearts don't lie". Not sure when it will be out.
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  16. The only song other than On A Mission that stands out for me is Love Me Cos You Want To. The production is brilliant, it's very innovative and stands out from a lot of other stuff out there, although it's not exactly strong single-wise it could be a surprise hit if radio gets behind it.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I take back what I said.

    This album is great. A real grower. Still loving Defender and Love Me Cos You Want To. It's all quality though besides one or two tracks. And it's a consistent album rather than just a collection of tracks.
  19. I really like the artwork this campaign. That cover is great.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Of course she has her mouth open....
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