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Gabrielle Aplin - Dear Happy (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Bit of an unexpected pop gem. She's completely changed her sound for this single, it's almost jumping on the tropical house bandwagon.
  2. Why does Gabs always fuck my feelings up. I now wanna text my ex.

    I like this.
  3. She is also the vocalist behind this tune
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  4. This is so.. Generic? Basic? Not good? I don't know but I'm definitely not feeling this new sound.
  5. Fabulous single, a perfect progression after two perfect albums.

    Cannot wait for the EP!
  6. I really like this, it's a lovely little tune, it is initially a little basic, but that chorus, particulalry with her lovely vocals, is a bit of an ear worm.

    Yes, the sentiment is lively too, Taylor Swift would Never!
  7. Actually quite like that new song.
  8. It's so 08/15 and boring.

    Go back to folk, sis.
  9. YAS GABBY (the artwork looks cheap af though)
  10. I hope I'm not the only one who initially thought this was Selena...
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  11. I messaged my ex after listening to this. FUCK YOU GABRIELLE APLIN.
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  12. This whole EP is very early Ellie Goulding/Carly in some parts. If there wasn't a folk stigma attached to her name PJ would probably be very into her.

  13. Boy oh boy what a bop.
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  14. Now that has a lot of potential to be great!
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  15. She's incredible.
  16. What a heavenly angel of a tropic bop this is. She is a queen.
  17. How is this tropic? Just sounds like a bonafide popsong to me.
  18. Waking Up Slow is FUCKING EPIC. Makes me want to drink!
  19. I absolutely love this, a great song!
  20. I still can't get over how perfect this song is. The chorus makes me cry a few tears of joy each time.
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