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Gabrielle Aplin - Dear Happy (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. This song is my current obsession! The last chorus is brilliant, i can really feel the lyrics.
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  2. Nice! I was expecting a Friday release.
  3. This new song is nice but I was expecting more after the beautiful My Mistake.
  4. It's a bit basic.
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  6. This is cute, but I wish it was just her.
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  7. It's good but the other songs are superior. Also i don't like when the featured artist have the first verses, it kinda feels like she's the feature in her own song. I hope the album gets announced soon
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  8. From folk-to-indie-to-pop, Gabrielle Aplin has announced her brand new album, 'Dear Happy', due out January 17.


    1. Until the Sun Comes Up
    2. Invisible
    3. Just One of Those Days
    4. Kintsugi
    5. Strange
    6. My Mistake
    7. Like You Say You Do
    8. Losing Me Feat. JP Cooper
    9. So Far So Good
    10. Nothing Really Matters
    11. Magic
    12. Love Back
    13. Miss You
    14. Dear Happy

    New single 'Kintsugi' out tonight
  10. Nice cover, it reminds me of LAMB somehow. Strange that Miss You is included but not Waking Up Slow. Lowkey the three new singles are much poorer than the two EPs so I'm a bit worried.
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  11. I...really dislike that cover. I hate artwork that mixes monochrome with colour like that.

    I'll definitely be checking this out, but like @Verandi said, everything after the Avalon EP was forgettable.
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  12. I enjoy the chaos of the cover, it reminds me a bit of Eliza Doolittle's first album.

    'Kintsugi' is out too, it's a cute little bop.
  13. Rob


    Miss You still emotionally devastates me for some reason.
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  14. I should be more excited about this than I am but I feel like the Nina Nesbitt album already does everything she's trying to do now, these are all missing something for me.
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  15. I feel the same. I loved English Rain - it's one of my autumn staples! And I liked the Avalon EP, but not sure what to expect from this. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised!
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  16. That cover is hideous.
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  17. cute bop
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  18. My mistake is gorgeous.

    Everything since has been okay.

    I hope there are some more gems hidden on the album. She needs to showcase her vocals like she did on her first album.
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