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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Matt, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. The production of Miss You 2 is a lot better, and more in keeping with the rest of the album.

    Do we know when they recorded it? Maybe it was too late.
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  2. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    It's not AotY material or anything, but I really like it. There's a really nice kinda...levity to it that reminds me of the basic pop albums I'd listen to as a teen before I started listening to more "challenging" stuff. Invisible is the follow-up to Waking Up Slow I've been waiting three years for.
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  3. Is there a song as good as Waking Up Slow in the album? I found all the pre-released track uncharacteristically beige so I'm hesitant.
  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Invisible, definitely. So Far So Good might also do the trick.
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  6. I think I really love this album.

    'My Mistake' is still my absolute favorite on the album & become a SAD anthem for me last two years. I think it's as beautiful as the first time I heard it.

    The new songs I really enjoy the most are probably the the title track, 'Love Back', 'One Of Those Days', & 'Invisible'. ('Kintsugi' still makes me smile, mainly just for the way she sings the title.)
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  7. I really like this! Nothing quite as great as Waking Up Slow or I Miss You, but all consistently very good.
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  8. 'Kintsugi' lifts my mood immediately listening to it. This album is really quite good.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The album is sweet. Strange, Like You Say You Do and So Far So Good are my favourites.
  10. Kinda of forgot about Gabrielle for awhile but loving the new album. I hadn't heard My Mistake until listening to the album in full and the awkward gay teenager of my yesteryears would have died for a song like that it is utterly gorgeous.
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  11. What a lovely album. Not an AotY contender as someone has said, but I gave this a listen today and it was seriously cute.
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  12. Caught Gabrielle live in Leeds on Thursday night. She was fabulous, witty, chatty and her vocals were stunning. She was a little nervous regarding the current situation with Corona virus but soon got into the swing of things. The venue was small but packed and she said she was shocked how many people had turned up. Still loving the album and the songs really come alive in a live setting. She announced the day after she’s postponed the rest of the tour, probably for the best. She mentioned that it may by the last gig we all enjoy for awhile and she’s most probably right. A few screams of F’ Corona from the audience.

    Also the next single is ‘Strange’ and there is a piano version on iTunes now!

  13. I absolutely adore this.
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  14. New collaboration:

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  15. Definitely a bop!
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  17. A bop.

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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This album is still sweet, Magic is just lush and makes me a bit weepy ff.
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