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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nuttymoo, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. You Used To Love Me was supposed to be the first single, wasn't it? I remember it appearing on release schedules for a while.
  2. Yes, it's so so so gorgeous.
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  3. She sounds effortlessly amazing. Too bad about "drunk guy singing into the shower head" joining in.
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  4. I don't understand what instrument he's playing in all these videos. You can't hear any difference when he moves his hands away.
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  5. He's probably just typing up an email.
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  6. I need the Deep Dish remixes of Rise on Spotify. Do it queen!
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yes at Rise Underground finally being on streaming (in the USA, at least!)
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  9. Seeing her tomorrow supporting Adele!
  10. Legends only.
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  11. Can someone explain to me what happened with the track '5 O'Clock'?

    I was always familiar with the version from the original CD album. Then when the album was on streaming it only contained what was listed as the 'Non B. Russel Vers.'

    So I assumed the original version contained a sample and for some reason or other they couldn't release it with that sample any longer.

    Anyway, recently I purchased the Rise re-issued vinyl and again it was the 'Non B. Russel Vers.' that featured. Fair enough, as it was a re-issue and probably the same issue with no longer having the rights or whatever to the sample used.

    However, I really do prefer that original version of the track so I decided to hunt for an original version of the album on vinyl, released in 1999. It does exist and I found it on eBay. Made a bid etc. Once it arrived, yep it was a 1999 pressing, great. When I played it it also contains the 'Non B. Russel Vers' of 5 O'Clock.

    So I'm just really confused. I can only assume that the vinyl release came after the CD release and that by that point they already couldn't use the sample in that track but... what happened? Why could they use it in the first CD release but not after? Did they use it without permission or something??

    It's a shame as I really wanted it on vinyl and assumed the 1999 vinyl would have it on.
  12. …And if anyone is able to say which CD release is the original (or better still link to the original release on Discogs) I’d quite like to hear the album as it was originally meant to be.
  13. It means 'version without Brenda Russell sample' - they didn't clear or didn't wanna pay'Clock-Brenda-Russell-A-Little-Bit-of-Love/

    Was probably corrected in every repress after the initial CD.
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