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Galantis - Album & Singles Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisC, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. "True Feeling" is decent enough, but I just discovered the VIP mix of "Pillow Fight" today and bopping is what I'm doing.
  2. Wait, people don't like Hunter?
  3. I like it, but I must admit it's a very annoying track.

    But then every other Galantis song is just as annoying. It's their thing.
  4. The album is out, I didn't realise it was being released this soon. It's brilliant. It's cohesive and doesn't stray to far away from what you'd expect of them although some tracks are a bit of a trend chase.
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  5. The album is much better than I thought it might be. I wasn't really drawn in by the singles so far but it all works really well.
  6. I actually like this album much more then Pharmacy! I think they bring some interesting elements to sounds that have been done before, and some of it is a little 'EDM by the numbers' but I really don't mind it. Pretty much all the songs knock. Great Friday tunes.

    I think it sounds really crisp, its got a great groove to work out too and I loved Hunter and No Money a lot when they debuted so I'm pretty happy with this release.
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  7. Flawless album.
  8. Admittedly I've only listened to the clips on iTunes, but this sounds like a very poor reproduction of Pharmacy to me. It doesn't help that I don't really like any of the singles from the era so far, but it seems there's nothing that comes even close to the majesty of Peanut Butter Jelly, Gold Dust and Louder Harder Better.

    I'll have to listen to it properly though.
  9. Is this any good? I really didn't like any of the singles so far... what happened to them?
  10. I don't think you're going to like it.
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  11. Hey Alligator is the stand out for me.
  12. Definitely not as great as "Pharmacy", even if "The Aviary" is cohesive. Fortunately, "Love On Me" and "No Money" are in this record.

    Has Cathy Dennis co-written "Love On Me"? When I check the credits on Discogs, she is not mentionned but she is mentionned on Wiki.
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  13. A friend suggested Call Me Home. Really liked that one. Who is/are the vocalist/s on the track. I know I've heard that/those voice/s before, but I can't put my finger on it.
  14. Call Me Home is definitely most similar to the best tracks on the debut. It has a more new wave melody and doesn't suffer from tropicalsyndrome like much of the rest of the album.

    Oh, and @kaushik, I haven't had chance to listen to your song properly yet, but I haven't forgotten and I will!!!
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  15. I thought the same and then I heard the album in full, so give it a chance.
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  16. Terrible album, I really liked the last, it was a guilty pleasure.

    This time it is just too cheesy/bland/generic and just not as fun. Pretty bad lyrics also.
  17. I like the album, but I feel they've lost some of the personality of the last one.
  18. Rob


    Shocked how poor this is, lame and trend chasing. Pharmacy had a beautiful, warm, melancolhic feel to it that it sadly failure to recapture.
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  19. Rob


    Mess at me hating this album and having nobody to go with yet just buying 2 tickets to their Dublin gig on pre-sale.
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  20. "The Aviary" peaked at #58 for its first week. Not bad compared to "Pharmacy" which peaked at #71 and stayed 2 weeks in the british charts. This is a bit Pop Injustice for "Pharmacy".
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