Fantastic album! (if a bit samey in parts). Standouts so far: Forever Tonight (the we're one, one, one... part kinda reminds me to Sky Ferreira's One -also produced by Bloodshy-), Dancing To The Sound of A Broken Heart & Water.
I thought it sounded like Penelope Trappes at first but you're probably right, since she did work with them.
It's a really interesting album. It's like they took everything that is wrong about current EDM and made it listenable. I like it.
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I just came here to ask this very question. Some parts sound suspiciously like her and it's making me listen to this track more and more hoping it is her!

She co-wrote 'Runaway (U&I)' so I assume they got her to feat. on a track too.

It did make me go back and listen to the song a few more times too, more than I probably would have!

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Well it's out there, and it's brilliant. Preordered it on the back of hearing it. Forever Tonight's vocals sound suspiciously like Ciara.

The vocalist is Jennifer Decilveo.

It's Cathy Dennis on Louder, Harder, Better right?

Cathy Dennis sings vocals on Runaway and Louder, Harder, Better.

Who are all the featured vocalists on this album? Peanut Butter Jelly and Firebird are very good.

The two you mention are both Martina from Dragonette, the others include Blackbear, Andrew Jackson, Vincent Pontare and Leon Jean Marie.

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Cathy does vocals on Runaway too? I guess they really distorted/pitched her vocal then.