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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisC, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. It always helps to have the physical booklet in your hand!
  2. Love her sneaky comeback. Even if it's not really a comeback, it's just two songs with writers she's probably good friends / colleagues with.

    Anyways, back to Galantis. I have the album on full repeat. Loving it completely.
  3. Loving the album hardcore. I just hope their success doesn't derail a Miike Snow comeback.
  4. Miike Snow's Facebook page has been posting teasers about something new happening for the past two months, I believe. I've also seen a bunch of posters around NYC with their logo popping up. Seems like something is happening soon.
  5. I love Bloodshy (& Avant) in all shapes and forms.
  6. EDIT What a great little album
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  7. Which song is the one featuring Coco Morier?
  8. I think it's Dancin' to the Sound of a Broken Heart. She's not really audible.
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  9. Edu


    Re: Galantis (Style of Eye and Bloodshy/Miike Snow's Christian Karlsson) - "Smile"

    The verses are VERY Madonna, for a second I thought it was really her.
  10. Runaway (U & I) could've been an Icona Pop single.
  11. Love this album. Perfect length too.
  12. Just came to post that Id read Cathy Dennis was singing the verses on Runaway and I refused to believe it! I see its already been discussed but it really doesnt sound anything like her. Im gonna need to listen to this album as I love Runaway and PBJ.
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  13. Not my first choice for another single but the video is brilliant!
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    Has anyone witnessed them live? I've just got tix for their gig in Dublin next year. Should be a good night out (albeit a weeknight!)
  15. Perfect single choice and fantastic video. I hope they can get another hit with this.
  16. Yeah, it's just a DJ set with some live instruments (IE a cymbal and some pads). They play a lot of their own songs and then a couple of whatever big room house is popular at the moment. Very high energy and a lot of sing-along moments for the crowd.
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    That sounds interesting. I've never really been to a 'dj gig' before or to a festival where a dj was playing so should be cool! Thanks!
  18. New song out next Friday.

    "This time I ain't gonna run away" as the hook is... cute.
  19. I like it, but what happened to In My Head fucking the butt off the charts?
  20. "In My Head" and "Firebird" are both lost #1s. Those choruses were built for domination.
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