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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. It's my all time favourite too. Just the most staggering piece of television ever. I must have watched it about ten times.
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  2. That finale is still everything. I'm so excited for more.
  3. It's just so exciting to think that huge budget is spread over 7 episodes this year instead of 10. This is gonna be epic.
  4. I'm going to have to attempt to avoid spoilers for 3 weeks........

    this doesn't bode well.
  5. You're brave.
  6. aaaaannnnddddddd she's all caught up xx

    6 series in a month.

  7. Is there a livestream for the premiere?
  8. Excited to see Westeros under the roofless reign of Queen Cersei I*


    *Until Dany comes to snatch the title.
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  10. Euron Greyjoy is a bit of a mess...

    I can't tell if it's the character or the actor.
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  11. That first scene was good, and I love Arya, but it's so weird that they started with such a predictable scene.
  12. EW EW EW EW at this awful meta-Ed Sheeran cameo. "It's a new one".
  13. An overall slow paced first episode
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  14. A bit of a 'sowing the seeds' affair which I suppose is to be expected for a season premiere... but I guess I thought it'd be a bit more explosive now that the end is nigh.

    I'm supposed they made a point of brining Bran to Castle Black early in the episode and yet we didn't see him reunited with Jon or Sansa.
  15. Great to have the show back. Think this is the first time I've seen so many people watching the premiere time slot. Probably have to blame the extra waiting time for that.

    The Door was my favourite episode from last season so I guess I won't put all my eggs in this one episode. Ed was tolerable but Arya more than made up for it.
  16. 5 minutes of ed shitrag and 0 minutes of melisandre

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  17. They really couldn't have made it more obvious right?

    Coldplay would never!
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  18. Not only does Jim Broadbent know how to destroy horcuxes but he also knows how to defeat the white walkers. Clever guy.
  19. I thought it was a weak episode, honestly. A lot of exposition scenes. Color me disappointed.
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  20. Sam's out of bed in the restricted section!
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