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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Does the Night’s King even know what’s beyond the wall in Westeros though? He probably has no idea what to expect so is just leading his army on until everything is destroyed.
  2. I guess that’s another problem with season 7. They never took the time to flesh out the Night King or his abilities. He pulled out some ticks when the plot required it, but overall we don’t know much at all about what he knows, is capable of, or his origins.
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  3. He


    Scream I just remembered that magical spear that kills dragons with one hit.

    Awful stuff.

    Oh also Jon escaping death twice in that episode.
  4. The Ice Dragon was one of the season's highlights. Been waiting years for that one.

    It's a real shame about the poor character development, but the spectacles were definitely glorious. The most frustrating thing is that there was enough material there to flesh out into 10 episodes. It could be budget issues, but what's the excuse for Ed Sheeran?
  5. Did he die? Plesae tell me he died.

    I totally forgot. I just want to make sure he can't return.
  6. I've erased the ginger man and his guitar one's cameo from my mind but I'm pretty sure he didn't die as that would've been fun and more worthy of my time.
  7. No. The character writing in season 1 was fucking brilliant. And that was true right up until at least season 5, and for some characters into season 6 as well. I also hope they can turn it around and do the big climax proper justice. I'm gonna marathon seasons 1-7 after summer and that will definitely send my expectations of season 8 skyrocketing. I think GoT is probably my favourite TV show of all time so I really can't handle it ending on a mediocre note a la the last season.
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  8. See I thought season 5 was dreadful, and season 6 was a triumph.
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  9. Something happened in the later seasons where the characters we were supposed to root for (Dany, Jon, Tyrion, Arya) became unbearable. I mean Jon was always boring as a character, but its too much now that its basically all about him and Dany. Tyrion is some lobotomized lurker. Arya is an unlikable sociopath.

    Cersei, Sansa and Jamie are the most interesting ones we have left.
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  10. Like every gay, I love me some Sansa, but when you really look at it, she hasn't done a whole lot outside of being victimized. Sure, she showed up and saved Jon's ass and with Arya's doing took out Littlefinger, but I hope there's more for her to do in the end.
  11. She didn't do much but she's the one who grew up the most during the seasons. Her evolution is iconic.
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  12. You could argue almost every female character still standing had the same general evolution. Started off as pawns and clawed their way out of being subordinate and now on even footing as their male counterparts.
  13. Not really. Arya has been the same vangeful girl for most of the seasons, Cersei was always the same evil woman in love with her children... Dany grew up, but in a horrible way ddd She was way better before turning a crazy serial killer.
  14. Yes all of the female characters have grown in their agency over the show. It's more that Sansa from very early on has had to survive some really horrific stuff, and given her age and general disposition at the start, it's amazing that she was able to get through all of that a stronger person than she was at the start. She hasn't necessarily had the big accomplishments or moments some of the other characters have had, but in a lot of ways her journey has been the most interesting. She's persevered when I think a lot of people would've written her off at the beginning.
  15. Arya started with no identity. She was the oddball "other" girl who didn't fit in. She held onto that non-entity when pretending to be a boy to survive. It's no surprise she was essentially recruited to be one of the faceless/nameless, but struggles with completely disappearing and embracing leaving all things Stark behind. We see her grow in prowess, but also embrace who she is. She goes from a frightened little girl to killing her main adversaries with no hesitation and returning home to be the Stark she never really felt she was.

    Cersei started as a pawn of her father. A woman who was ignored by her husband because of the memory of a dead woman he never had. She sought solace/affection in the only relationship that ever was genuine in her twin, the only person who ever considered her an equal. Her father called her property to her face and nothing more than leverage to help anchor the Tyrell's even after she held status. She's embraced being the alpha in her own story to the point of jockeying position over her peers and ultimately her twin. She took every perceived weakness held against her (woman, incest, murderer) and embraced them in the face of all her detractors and snatched the iron throne that everyone always said she wasn't smart enough to have.

    Danny's story has been the least subtle in development and we all know it so no need to rehash.

    I still stand by the opinion that Sansa has progressed the least. She started off an insolent girl, who became an insolent girl in love, who became a broken but still insolent victim of a crazed Joffrey, who then was forced to marry someone who, no matter how well he treated her, could not break her of being an insolent girl who was wallowing in her victimhood, etc.

    Her and Danny's story, especially as far as their early relationship experiences, have held interesting parallels. Both forced to marry after being betrayed by those they trusted. One capitalizing the relationship to grab power, even while starting off the relationship with being raped, while the other never consummated the relationship because she couldn't get over how life wasn't fair and Tyrion wasn't the sparkling and pretty Loras she set her sights on.

    We certainly saw her steel up after Ramsey, but even when pushed by Arya at Winterfell, she assumed the subordinate, passive position until she had to play the part of head of state in front of everyone at Winterfell.

    Again, like the character and find her much more interesting than Danny, but I don't see quite the change of character everyone else does.
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  16. Halfway through Storm of Swords and loving it. Tyrion’s and Arya’s chapters are such highlights.
  17. I loved reading the books and really enjoyed the Arya and Bran chapters. I've missed them.
    I really hope George is knocking out both The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring in one go so we can just be done with it all.
  18. I'm secretly hoping he's lying, but he has confirmed he hasn't even started A Dream of Spring. I suppose most of the roadblocks will be dealt with in The Winds of Winter, though, so I guess Dream will be an easier write and might make it out 2-3 years after book 6, if it's ever released.

    Of course at this point, I feel like the word count is gonna shoot up and up and in a couple years we're gonna get what he's finished so far released as A Time for Wolves, and still be left waiting for Winds.

    I know it's fashionable these days to piss on D&D but George could take a lesson on being concise from the show.
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