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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. I loved the episode. It gave me much more time with certain characters meeting (for the last time).

    I don‘t think it was boring at all. I was emotional.
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  2. I'm in the camp that loved the episode. I thought it was well written, acted and paced. The coming together of so many characters for what felt like the last time had emotional impact and it's really helped to get me hyped for the next episode which I'm sure will be the bloodbath people want it to be.

    If anything happens to my beautiful Pod and his magic dick then I will be fuming.
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  3. I absolutely hated Arya and Gendry
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  4. Yeah this wasn’t it for me. I found it pretty boring and can’t really think of anything that happened in the episode that actually mattered, except Dany finding out about Jon’s parentage.

    They could have combined episode 1 and 2, I’m so bored of happy reunions and forgiveness. Like come on GoT, where’s the plot twists and excitement that got us all hooked in the first place?

    I also found Arya and Gendry completely excruciating to watch. As someone said here, there is nothing in Aryas story to lead us to believe she’s confident sexually, and hardly any flirting between her and Gendry to believe that’s how it would go down. It was so awkward.

    And why are they still not mentioning the fucking ice dragon?!
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  5. i love how bran reveals he is the fucking memory of the whole universe...just for everyone to simple leave the room. and only tyrion investing a bit time to get some more tea from bran.
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  6. I just cannot believe that having a shag was anywhere near Arya’s top list of priorities.
  7. RJF


    I can't wait for the fake out moment where Drogon blasts the Night King with fire and... he survives, and kills Drogon instead. I feel it's so heavily telegraphed that it's bound to happen at this point.
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  8. I'm fine with Arya just wanting to see what it was like. Of all the things she's done, getting some dick at 22 is nowhere near the most outlandish thing her character has done.
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  9. I'd be more ok with the Arya moment if she didn't go into the scene with the intensity of a Cock Destroyer.
  10. I guess they wanted Episode 1 to be “Let’s catch up with all the lead characters!” and Episode 2 to be “Let’s catch up with all the supporting characters!” Before they go head-first into the action next week.
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  11. The "I'm dying a virgin and want to taste the sweet forbidden fruit before the end" storyline is pulled straight from the Telenovela page and it's not like that concept is entirely alien to Game of Thrones, but the producers seem to forget the natural high camp of the show some times, only applying it to very specific cases nowadays (whatever that giantess anecdote was, which I didn't even mind). I wish they served us a truly camp moment that, together with the Brienne fanclub scenes, could have really sufficed to make this episode feel a little less anaemic and dry.

    Maybe it's really Winterfell that's a 4/10 location at best. The dragons and Missandei, their taste levels!
  12. It’s been so distracting this season ddd. Glad to know the cast wants to get this all over with as much as I do. The dialogue is daytime soap tier. Kind of incredible given how much these actors are paid for their 3 minutes of screentime per episode. Iconic scammery.

    This week’s episode was on par with the first. Not here for Arya’s forced love interest in the show’s final hours. Bran reciting ‘the things we do for love’ back at Jaime was unbearable. Brienne’s knighting felt cheaper than it should— a pretty bow to tie off her arc before sending her out to the slaughter. Everything is so on the nose it’s beyond parody. I’m ready for a little spectacle as that seems to be the one thing this show is still capable of delivering.
  13. I know she's all grown up now but there was just something...icky and jarring about Arya suddenly shooting her shot. I certainly wasn't expecting to see side-tit

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  15. Can’t wait until Melisandre turns up tbh.
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  16. I need the Helms Deep tea to be strong with the next episode teebs. Why can I low key see Cersei sending her army at the eleventh hour though.
  17. Yes I'm ready for Melisandre to come and sort shit out!
  18. I stan Melisandre but all they're going to do when they bring her back is violently and pointlessly kill her. Stay in Volantis tbh babe, get some sun and swerve the drama x
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  19. Sis knows she's literal toast if she returns but she simply can't resist the chaos and conflama. Truly one of us.
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  20. RJF


    I'm expecting Melisandre's powers or the powers that she has access to will be an eleventh hour save for this battle. If you're fighting a foe that wants to bring about eternal night, then I'm guessing a god of light is going to factor in at some point.
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