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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Fuck knows, Jon is still dead in the books. Guess it all depends on GRRM putting out, which is doubtful at this point.
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  2. But no elephants.

  3. I wonder what the next episode will be called like?

    Battle of the long night?
    Battle of the dead?
    Battle of Winterfell?
    Battle of the Throne?
    Battle of the North?
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  4. Sam


    Probably just “The Long Night”
  5. Ok but since the crypts aren't safe can Samwell please die in the next episode? I've had enough.
  6. Bran Flakes must be the most exposition-heavy character in mainstream fiction since Hermione sksks.
  7. Am I wrong when I say that Bran has never told he is the crowd with 3 eyes to all the people in the room?

    The fact that he said "the night king is coming for me because I'm the memory of the world" made no sense at all for someone who thinks that he is just a boy on a wheelchair, isn't it? They all look at him like "what the fuck he is talking about?"
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  8. RJF


    The whole thing with Bran and the Night King has become the show’s biggest, least rewarding mess. Jacob from Lost teas.
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  9. He


    Ok but Hermione was likeable!!!! -but I cackled at this-
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  10. He


    It's like everyone ignores him, which is a kii.
  11. Oh for sure. She had a personality and motivations, but that didn't stop her being a walking encyclopedia too, kii.
  12. Ok but was Arya out to get in on with the hound first?
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  13. The biggest kii since Cersai blew up the sept, if they send all the women and children to the crypt, and the NK gets them all.
  14. He


    The Night King doesn't discriminate in his army. A true egalitarian queen.

    Hope she comes out victorious.
  15. I don’t see the crypts waking up mainly because they’ll all just be bones

    A true:
  16. Why haven’t they sent the women and children further south, like?
    The plan reeks of overconfidence to be honest, I expect/want them to fail big time.
  17. Why doesn’t everyone just hop on a boat to Essos to be honest?
  18. Sam


    the fact that berric edd tormund etc managed to get to the umber’s castle and then back to winterfell (circling aROUND the army of the dead may i add) before the army of the dead could even find their way from the wall is .... i mean come on
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  19. I wonder if the dead will make it as far as King’s Lansing. That would be quite a clash of the show’s imagery.
  20. Sam


    I’m low key wondering if the NK has fucked off south to raise a new army from King’s Landing
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