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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Technically it was a great episode of television, but the way we got there and the reasoning behind everything was just so off. Cersi is not stupid enough to stand her ground as long as she did. Dany is not vindictive enough to do what she did. Varys was not stupid enough to have his cover blown the way he did. Only John is stupid enough to believe anything he's told.

    I just don't understand how we got here so quickly. Like many have said before the writers have forced us to these plot points with no care of how we got here.

    Basically the CGI, battle scenes and everything like that has been fantastic. But everything else bar Ayra killing the Night King has been terrible.
  2. I thought so. Damn, I love that. I was thinking the two attacks were a nice parallel.
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  3. I thought so but it then morphed into something a lot more dramatic!
  4. Subwaykid

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    Well, I hated that. I half expected “#RINGTHEBELLS” to pop up on screen, that’s how cheap the writing has gotten this season.
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  5. This was 90 minutes of shitty writting, character development hell and overall a rushed clusterfuck. Tyrion being at his dumbest; a city armed with dozens of scorpions not managing to hit Drogon, despite three straight shots being enough just hours earlier to take Rhaegal down; Daenerys becoming a genocidal out of nowhere; Cersei, a horrible human being and responsible for destroying many lives and families, posing as a damsel in distress in a Dwayne Johnson disaster movie, like she's a poor girl trying to escape Los Angeles while it crumbles; The way they ended one of the most incredible and intriguing villains of all time - crushed by a rock; Daenerys becoming the villain without any satisfaction out of it given to the viewers; Jaime's character arc being completely useless in the end; The Tyrion and Cersei hate that was built up the entire series (and pretty much the entirety of their lives)... What was that again? Where did it led to? Fucking nothing; Why was Arya there? She added literally nothing to the episode; Cleganebowl being underwhelming like everything else; Jon, as always, caught up in the middle of something he can't control or understand.

    This was outrageous.
  6. I didn't get the vibe that they wanted you to feel bad for Cersei in the end. All I kept thinking while watching them was, "Wow, these are two of the most pathetic people." And they were, so I found their end fitting. She was always in over her head. Tywin said before that she was just not nearly as clever as she thought she was.

    I liked the episode. It was tense and beautifully shot. I have issues with plot points and the show isn't ending the way that I would have preferred but whatever. The episode was enjoyable.
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  7. The only highlight for me was Cersei and Qyburn trying to escape during Cleganebowl.

    The Mountain throwing Qyburn like a ragdoll


    Then Cersei:


    Then Sandor:


    Then Cersei again:


    Truly a comedy masterpiece.
  8. I actually liked the episode I'm just
    Dissapointed in advance for the finale nn
  9. I thought it was very enjoyable. Emilia Clarke was terrific in this episode, she’s come a long way from the iconic “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?”
  10. Sam




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  11. The episode was fine. I can’t help but feel it was cinematically boring, the best sequence was watching Drogon burn the ships but it didn’t last long at all.

    Also confirmation they used Brienne as a plot device and the fact they’ve kind of hinged Dany going crazy on Jon refusing to reciprocate her feelings is... gross.

    Oh my god, Qyburn being crushed and Cersei just meekly walking away had me SCREAMING

    But also I’m mega fuming at them turning Cersei, who has been one of the most compelling villains on screen and a force of her own, into a ‘MY BABY! MY BABY!’ hysterical crying into Jaime’s arms mess right at the end.
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  12. Fire and Blood
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  13. This made the previous episode completely useless.
  14. NOT Miss Lena adding actual pathos to Cersei's two+ seasons of insufferable psychotic staredowns and clenched line readings at the literal last minute with some Emmy-worthy face journeys. Stunt queen!
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  15. I get where you are coming from but I think it was more "well if even the guy who has reasons to love me doesn't anymore why would any of the people who I want to rule over do it?"
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  16. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt if they hadn’t consistently shown that they believe a woman needs to have sex to be mindfully sound or complete narratively.
  17. "That’s been my feeling the last couple seasons, that my character became more peripheral, that they concentrated on others more. That’s fine. It’s the nature of a multi-character show. It was kind of frustrating. As a whole it’s been overwhelmingly positive and brilliant but I suppose the last couple seasons weren’t my favorite." - Conleth Hill to EW on Varys' ending.
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  18. Conleth's portrayal of Varys was stun, beginning to end. The good sis deserved at least one award for it.
  19. Cersei crying when she finally has to accept it's over was so satisfying.
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