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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Missandei’s death should have been the season finale (with extra episodes in between to pad it out to a full series) and then we should have had another series of Danaerys’ descent into madness.
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    Ideally, we would have had seven more episodes in total. It's not exactly the writer's fault that they had to speed everything up, it's HBO's for not wanting to renegotiate the cast's contract for an extra seven episodes, which would have delayed production more than it already did, and would have costed them a fuckload more, as the actors could have easily asked for loads more than they were already on (1.5M USD per episode for the main cast).
  3. Except we know the opposite is true and HBO were willing to throw more money at this, they wanted ten seasons.
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    Then why not extend the contracts for seven more episodes? Make every series have 10 episodes. I highly doubt Dumb&Dumber had really planned out every single episode since the start of the series thinking of the last two series being shorter than the others.
  5. See previous posts about D&D losing interest and wanting to get on with the new Star Wars trilogy they're working on.
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  6. Not to mention they're still working on Confederate!!!
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    Again, I don’t get this notion that more episodes would’ve solved any of the show’s issues? It’s clear they had an endgame and that endgame deliberately involved holding back the Battle of Winterfell, Dany going mad, and the fall of King’s Landing until the last possible moment. They’ve not done that because they ran out of time, they did it because... that’s the way they wanted to tell it.

    You could have ten seasons and those three events would still have been in the show’s final run. The only difference is you’d have had 20 more scenes of Tormund talking about tits, and at least 50 of Cersei silently smirking.

    There would be no masterfully crafted emotional arc of Dany’s mental break otherwise they’d have done it already. They knew where they were going all this time but they wanted the shock value.
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  8. This is probs the T. Laziness is the worst.
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  9. Tea but also I do think a little expansion would have done wonders for this season, even with their shit writing Lena and Emilia would have ran circles around it. When I wish for more, I’m wishing for expanding on Cersei’s arrogance, Dany’s state of mind, Arya’s defeat of NK - not necessarily more of this dumpster fire.
  10. I just watched an interview with Nikolaj where he basically confirmed that D&D didn't give a fuck about the plot and any concerns that the actors had regarding the pacing etc were always shut down.
  11. I hope this comes back to bite D&D. Karma is a bitch and when the buzz settles this mess will be their legacy.
  12. Link a sis, this sounds delicious
  13. He


    Link please?
  14. Ladies, I have something to say.

    While I have actually enjoyed this season for what it is (a narrative disaster with beautiful direction and performances), there is one theme from the show that was completely abandoned and the more time that goes by, the more disappointed I am about it.

    The white walkers representing the inevitability of death added great narrative tension from the very beginning of the show. I mean, the very first scene involved a child being reanimated by the dark magic of the Night King. The encroaching threat was always in the background, like a distant, dreadful hum: Just like it is for every human being. It didn't matter how noble or "good" a character was, nothing could undo that death was coming, in a slow march or in a sudden, tragic turn. It was one element that made the show absolutely thrilling for its first four seasons, and is echoed in Cersei's thesis: You win or you die. But the truth is, all will die.

    The white walkers and Night King being vanquished in a frankly cartoonish fashion, with little lost along the way, has been the greatest narrative betrayal for me. It's unforgivable, for a writing perspective. Dany suddenly going mad is nowhere near a replacement for the tension that has been slowly building over 8 seasons. What a waste.
  15. She at least died IN the hands of one of her brothers...
  16. If I'm not wrong the prophecy was that she would die with her face full of tears and with the hands of a younger brother around her neck. She did.
  17. After watching the episode again I'm struggling to cope with how ridiculous the show has become.
    Arya and The Hound sticking out like sore thumbs but just casually walking up to the red keep during a siege and not one person batting an eyelid.
    Cersei has had no build up whatsoever as being the big baddie this season so her death just felt flat. She was so much more menacing and evil in past seasons when she had more character interaction to bounce off apart from standing in a window talking to fucking Euron.
    The white walkers really should have been the final battle.
  18. Arya - we're family

    Also Arya - so I'm gonna go and never come back

    The characterisation changes even within a single episode
  19. Just echoing what people have said and the white walkers really should have been the finale big bad. It would have been so good to see them loose in ep 3 and have to fall back to kings landing and then take it from there and then Dany had to burn the city and become queen of the ashes to save everyone and maybe die in the process going out like the boss she is and then I could deal.

    Something so simple could have saved all the characterisations and anyone dying in that battle would have been a hero and that my friend is bittersweet not this utter bullshit.

  20. Here's the interview with Nikolaj, he says that ever since the end of S4 every time he got the scripts he told the writers it didn't make any sense.
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