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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Them going absolutely nowhere with Sansa's potentially compelling character development makes me angrier with each passing day.
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  2. No character had any development and it’s been that way since season 6.

    I think in reality they needed all the books to be out to finish this as it just went nowhere. I will never not be mad at what they did.

    Time will tell how it effects the show in the long run but I don’t know if I’d recommend it to anyone right now.

    Also the fact they said they didn’t have enough time for us to get a reaction from the starks about Jon’s parentage because it’s something we’ve heard BUT we had time for a Bronn threesome and brothel talk? Sure that’s what the people wanted.
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  3. I’m still mad about Daenerys. I think I might hold onto this rage for the rest of my life.
  4. I will 100% forever resent them for this mess.
  5. Same. Don’t ever really see myself even rewatching this.
  6. I didn’t start watching this until a few weeks ago. I think the second episode of season 8 had just aired and I was on a week off work so I decided I’d start bingeing it, see what all the bloody hype was about etc.

    Season 1 was hard to get through. Started enjoying it a lot more in season 2. Completely fell in love by season 3. So I powered on through, the high points for me were definitely The Red Wedding, Joffrey’s wedding and the final two episodes of season 6. Fantastic.

    By time I caught up, the 4th episode of season 8 had aired. And the dip in quality was just so obvious.

    Then we got Dany’s Mad Queen arc in episode 5. And then that horror show of a finale. I can’t imagine how all of you who had to wait TWO years for season 8 must have felt. I only spent 2 weeks with the show and have never felt so disgusted in my whole life with how it all turned out.

    What a horrible, horrible resolution to what could have been one of the best shows to ever air on television.
  7. I don’t understand how they had two years to wrap this up and they decided to shorten it and put out this.
  8. Didn't they shoot various endings?

    Just give me the one where Drogon fire-blasts Jon in his sadness and fury and Jon emerges, naked but otherwise unscathed, from the dragonfire, rebirthed as the Dragon King he was always meant to be.
  9. Enough about your sexual fantasies....

    Jon Snooooorw never had the range.
  10. the more I think of the mess they did with such a great show.... jhaksddsdkl

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  11. I've already forgotten this season happened.
  12. The last episode honestly feels like it aired about six months ago. Nothing but a distant memory.
  13. I'll never watch that last episode.
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  14. I've finally caught up and it's safe to say that it's trash.

    The complete disregard for all the strong female characters they've built them up to be.

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  15. RJF


    Maybe it’s just my skewed perspective but it really does feel like the show just... vanished, rather than end with any kind of ceremony. The instant dismissal of its existence is fairly fascinating.
  16. Everyone has gone, oh right, what a pile of shit that turned out to be, and moved onto Chernobyl, literally.
  17. I think the final script-read with the majority of the actors thinking "what the fuck is this shit" and sitting there in silence whilst the writers woefully misjudge the room and start laughing and applauding is more memorable than 99% of Season 8.
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  18. It truly ended with a whimper, TS Eliot.
  19. No one wants to think about how they spent 8+ years (only four for me!) watching this and hoping for something. . . not awful. It’s best to put it out of mind.
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