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Game of Thrones (HBO pace - no book spoilers)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by IotV, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Best drama would indicate the writing, amongst other aspects, was getting recognized.
  2. Emilia should have won.
  3. Laughable. They can have the technical awards but the rest can fuck off.

    At the end of the day The Wire has no emmys, so it's not exactly the best measure of quality anyway.
  4. Eh, yes and no. Fact remains that voters were asked to weigh in on the writing specifically and they gave it a big fat rejection. So I can live with that small piece of justice.

    I'll forever be pressed that one of the most iconic villains of any show ever never won an Emmy, though. Get lost, Emmys.

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  5. All I could think of was "why"? The awkward cast speach earlier in the telecast and the award for best drama? It's odd how the academy wants to legitimize the final season. I know the show has ended but there is no need for a complimentary award just because the show is over. Plus they revealed major spoilers during the show.
  6. I could maybe see it winning Outstanding Drama for the final season if it had been snubbed in that category for its entire run, but it didn't. It's been recognized plenty to the point that it just feels so weird and unnecessary to reward such an awful season.
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  7. Eh, don't think that's what they were going for. Game of Thrones has become so massive and this feels more like a "thank you" a whole than the final season properly. Like it's been said, they did miss for writing (thank god) so it shows that the academy was aware of the big flaws but still appreciate what it did for television.
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  8. This is cringy. A reporter asks about the controversy of the final season and points out especially Daenerys storyline (Emilia ducking at 6:39 ddd) and D&D avoid the mic so Kit goes instead and says he never watched the final season.
  9. "I know what it took to shoot it"?! ... gurl, we're talking about the shitty writing
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  10. This thread is enlightening. Would highly recommend reading the whole thing. It’s about a Q&A with the creators. It explains a lot of the... choices that were made.
  11. He


    Ddd, I really dislike them.

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  12. What an awful Q&A. They truly are awful.
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  13. They really should have kept their mouths shut nn
  14. The only appropriate response to ALL OF THIS:

  15. Has there ever been such an example of open contempt for your own show?

    They didn't have the range to have Bran becoming King make sense, so they should have just made the Night King the ultimate big bad and spent the final season battling him, and killing off like 75% of the cast.
  16. Yeah, I think they were trying to honor GoT as the last huge thing in television, at least for the forseeable future.
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  17. He


    True but that would have them work more with the fantasy elements, and they clearly disliked those.
  18. The downfall of the last season was them not understanding their characters and their arcs, not downplaying the fantasy elements (which I also dislike, if I'm being honest).
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  19. Them: We hate the fantasy elements.
    Me: But huns, EVERYONE survived The Long Night... I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.
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